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Animated Glitter 
& Sparkles PSP


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Animated Glitter

You are welcome to right-click and download (“Save Image As”) - your choice of Gif to your PC.  Please don’t hot-link, thank you. 

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(The following animated Gifs are intended for personal non-commercial use only).

My on-line tutorial here, demonstrates how to resize animations using Animation Shop.



Rose animated  heart2  little angle 1 kim2 glitterpawbevwlled HOPPIN~1356868 

48 glitterplaybunny  anjo11 BEAUTI~11070 BIRTHD~122 dog one sparkle WINTER~145

SPARKL~137 snowing50 BUTTER~128 BUTTER~129 BUTTER~130 BUTTER~131  SPARKL~127 wreath46

dolphins1 HAPPY_~11171 lips one oxo1 PINK_P~1969 VALENT~135

best regards1  nice day1  FLOATI~11515 GLITTE~1306363




8540-002-10-1064 8540-002-23-1062  8540-002-51-1062 8540-004-05-1027

8540-004-25-1062 8540-004-35-1042 

June Humminngbird Animation


Art deco gem Dancers      


 black cat with love 


cats singing 


 Happy Sunday1


frt53 gold_art_deco

herats lips towwwwwww kitten and heart candleeeee mouth bubblessssss

wendi gold and red.gif smallerrrrrr wendi blue hat larger

 Sparkle Double Heart

Purple egg animated  Sparkly Golden Egg

Animated Christmas Log

Happy St George's Day Fireworks

St_Georges_day3 St_Andrews_day2 St_Davids_day Eire_animated_signature





nighttime globeone  Wendi_'s Globe one  pussy cat signature





firework burst pinkand ref Brass Firework Burst Multi Coloured Firework Burst

starry night aniamtion final1


unicorn signature 







insects animation2




anyone for tennis blue hearts and dragonfly blue moon face 

broken heart one diamond cat and mouse diamond heart with tiny red hearts 

flame heart one flashing blue single star football diamond happy face one

little dog mouse with amber hearts mouse with pink hearts music one gold and diamond



   red and red hearts red cat and mouse

 wine glass with heart and red wine three gold hearts three legs  wine glass three purple




Dalmatian animation



thank you cpmuter1

Night owl animation







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