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by Wendi Elizabeth Martha Scarth


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I welcome your feedback and comments and I appreciate your thoughts. I can be contacted by clicking the yellow envelope above.

Wendi E. M. Scarth.
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 About Myself
Wendi E. M. Scarth

Wendi E M Scarth 2016

About Myself

In addition to maintaining and updating my Photoshop website, my Paint Shop Pro website, my Photoshop Elements website and my GIMP website, I enjoy developing the skills I have acquired over the years by adding new photographs and artwork to my personal website. 

As well as displaying mine and my husband Peter’s personal photographs and artwork; my
personal website includes information about my family and my local region of Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay, which are situated along England’s north east coast.

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Best Wishes.
Wendi E. M. Scarth.

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