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by Wendi Elizabeth Martha Scarth


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400+ Photoshop PDF  & 300 Elements PDF Tutorials + Plugins & Extras

The following thumbnails demonstrate the end result of my 400+ Photoshop PDF Tutorials

Larger Previews Of Some Of My PDF Tutorials Can Be Viewed In My Tutorials Galleries Here.

Create, Apply Custom
 Shapes Create, save and apply custom shapes 4 mini tutorials

 Gel From
Shapes Create Glassy Custom Shapes with Eyecandy 5 Impact

Photographs inside jigsaw puzzle pieces

Or Avatars
Create diamond charms or avatars

Create A
Cut Out From
Custom Shapes
Create a heart shaped cut out

My tutorials are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop

400+ Individual Photoshop PDF Tutorials + Plugins & Extras
1,500+ Individual PDF Tutorials - Click Banner To Read More!
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