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by Wendi Elizabeth Martha Scarth


Enamelled Type
Adobe Photoshop


Create Shiny Enamelled Type Using Styles
Suitable for Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC
Skill Level - Intermediate

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This tutorial demonstrates how to create glossy enamelled type using Photoshop’s glassy Styles

Understanding Layers
Understand The Workspace And Palettes

Undo and Navigation Steps
Two ways of undoing steps are from the top menu, Edit then Step Backwards.
Alternatively, click a previous snapshot in the History Palette.Navigate (zoom in and pan) your image using the Navigator Palette,

or the Zoom Tool.

Activate The Hand Tool by tapping the Spacebar, keeping the Spacebar pressed, pan your image in the usual way.

Open a New image (File then New). Set the following attributes, (or your own choice), then click OK.

Now, from the left-side Tools Toolbar, activate the Horizontal Type Tool.

And enter your choice of text attributes into the Options Bar - (I chose a Font named Broadway which is perfect for this technique).

After you have applied your text, click the following Commit any current edits tick.

Then activate the Move Tool .

And left-click underneath your text, then drag your type to a central position.

3/ Create The Metallic Stroke
Now, from the foot of the Layers Palette, click open the Layer Styles list, (by clicking the
f, fx
icon) - and choose Inner Glow.

Then enter the following Inner Glow settings into the Layer Style dialogue box. 
Don’t click OK.

From the left-side Styles menu; click Bevel and Emboss - then enter the following settings into the right-side Structure area. Don’t click OK quite yet.

Gloss Contour = Ring
                                                                          Colour - Sandy Mustard

From the left-side Styles menu; click Drop Shadow - and apply a Drop Shadow of your choice, (I chose the following settings), now click OK.

From the top menu, choose Layers then choose Rasterise then choose Type.

Then from the Tools Toolbar, activate the Magic Wand Tool.

And enter the following Add to selection settings into its Options Bar.

Then left-click inside each letter to isolate just the black area with a Selection Marquee.

Now, press Ctrl then J. This pastes the Selected black areas onto a separate Layer. 
Then from the top menu, choose Select then choose Load Selection. Click OK to the subsequent dialogue box. (This returns the Selection Marquee to your text).

Now, from the Styles Palette, click open your Styles Library by clicking the tiny arrow - illustrated below. Then from the subsequent drop-down list, click Glass Buttons; then click Append to the subsequent dialogue box. 

Your Glass Buttons will then be added to the end of your current Styles.

If you cannot see the Styles Palette; from the top menu, choose Window then click a tick before Styles.

8/ Fill Your Text With A Style
Now, left-click a glass button of your choice - (I chose Blue Glass), and the selected area of your type will be filled with your choice of glass. (For personal results, experiment with all Glassy Styles you have at your disposal).

After you have created an enamelled look you like the look of: press Ctrl then D to remove the Selection Marquee.

Create a
Fill Layer (filled with your choice of Solid Colour, Pattern or Gradient).
Then drag it to the bottom of the Layers Stack.

Apply a
Perspective Shadow/Reflection to your type.

Then from the top menu, choose Layer then choose Flatten Image,
and save your work.

For extra clarity, apply a Sharpen Filter to your completed text. (Filter then Sharpen).

Now you are familiar with this technique, you can have lots of fun creating personalised enamelled type.

Wendi E M Scarth. 
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