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Sacha GalleryThomas, Ben and (being happily squashed) HarryMolly & Our Furry Family On-line Diary

Hi. My furry family currently consists of our three felines Harry, Ben and Thomas. And my two completely bonkers canines, Sacha and Molly.

Molly 8th January 2013 - Bath Day!

Molly Jan 2013

Cat & Mouse - Harry - December 2012

Molly Jan 2013

Leaping Thomas

Adorable Sacha - 8th December 2012

Molly Jan 2013


Harry & Molly - Best Friends


Bath Day - Drying Molly

Sacha’s Bath 11th January 2013
(Bath Time In Pictures)

Washing Sacha

Sacha Being Showered

Nosey Molly

Molly Being Nosey

Rinsing Sacha

Rinsing Sacha

Towelling Sacha

Towelling Sacha

Drying Sacha

Drying Sacha

Yay, I am Finished!

Yay!  All Done!


Molly’s Hair Band - 12th January 2013

Molly With Hair Band

Molly Catching Snow Covered Ball - Jan 2013

Yellow Snow Covered Ball

Well Caught! (Yellow Snow Covered Ball)


Molly’s Snow Prints

Molly's Snow Prints

Snow Fun

Our Resident Garden Robin - January 2013

Garden Robin

Thomas & Ben Jan 2013

Molly & Sacha’s Snow Prints - Jan 2013

Molly & sacha's Snow Prints

Sacha Snow Jan 2013

Sacha Jan 2013

The Painted Lady - January 2013
We Are Currently Looking To Sell Our House (To Move To A Rural Area), & Are Touching Up Our Rooms. Despite Our Best Efforts To The Contrary, Molly Is Determined To Test-drive As Many Paint Colours As Possible.

Molly Jan 2013

Molly Jan 2013

Molly Feb 2013


Molly’s Tail - February 2013

Molly's Tail


Molly Feb 2013


A Rare Glimpse Of Molly’s Lovely Eyes

Molly Feb 2013

9th February 2013 - Molly’s First Haircut
Molly has received her first haircut via myself and the electric clippers. We thought long and hard whether to cut down her lovely coat. However, her daily collection of tats and mats, and the onset of warmer weather ensured we put Molly’s needs first.
(I am not clipping back her tail, ears, or face).
Molly’s coat, in places, previously measured 4 inches.

Her haircut took four sessions, spanning two days - two and a half hours in total. However, Molly was very good and exceptionally patient.
She seems a lot happier, is more aerodynamic, (seems to run faster, lol) and is ready for the warmer weather.

Molly’s Coat - Uncut

Uncut Coat Molly

Molly’s Clipped Coat With Her Cut Hair-mound


Foam Face, Below - Molly Dropped Her Ball In Our Drain
(I’d Just Been Cleaning A Paint Roller). LOL.



All Ears - March 2013 (Bedroom)

Sacha In Bed - March 2013 - Surrounded By Her Toys

Sacha In Bed March 2013 (Surrounded By Her Toys)


Molly Bedroom

Our Stained Glass Window & Reflection

Our Stained Glass Window & Reflection - March 2013



Molly's New "Spacecraft" Ball

You Tell Her, Sacha!

You Tell Her Sacha!

Molly - My Pilates Room

Harry & Thomas March 2013

Molly Top of Stairs

Molly & Sacha

Molly’s Ball & My Wellington Boots
Molly loves to drop her ball in funny places. Every time I put my wellies on, I have to remove her ball first - lol.

Molly's Ball In My Wellington Boot

Mad Molly

Molly’s Favourite Sleeping Position
(Modesty Preserved, Thanks To Photoshop - LOL)
90% of the time, Molly sleeps on her back, she has done this since she was six weeks old. Very cute...

Molly Likes To Sleep On Her back

Molly On Bed

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