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by Wendi Elizabeth Martha Scarth


Adobe Photoshop 
& Elements Feedback


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I have had Photoshop CS5 on my computer for ages and it has been an almost complete mystery to me. I have tried several tutorials from the internet with varying degrees of success from none to very little. Today I used your Fake HDR tutorial and it was fantastic. Easy to follow, easy to use - totally brilliant. Thank you very much indeed.

Dear Ms. Scarth, I am a Photoshop teacher at a public high school in Dallas, TX, USA. When I found your website with all your colourful and easy to read (and, not too difficult to understand) CS4 tutorials written in .pdf format, I was both greatly impressed and pleased because I cannot use so many of the video tutorials out there on the Web because the school district typically blocks them and it's a hassle to get them unblocked. (Whew! Long sentence.) Also, great tutorial books like "Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one" by Deke McClelland are simply much too deep for high schoolers (who hate to read), and the videos too often go too fast. In other words, your tutorials broken down into individual topics, typically covered in only a few written pages with lots of colour pictures - are going to be much more user-friendly to my high schoolers.

Hi Wendi.
I love your Website, I think your Photoshop Elements tutorials are awesome! I like your site so much I have made it my Home Page. I am really excited about your tutorials they are very easy to follow. Thank you so much for your expert advice.

Wendy, I just bought your tutorials. They are wonderful, much better than going through a dry Photoshop written by a photographer with an attitude. Your tutorials are like a breath of fresh air. So, big thanks to you.

Hi There Miss Wendi!
Just found your excellent web site and I have purchased your Photoshop PDF Collection. 
I feel like a kid in a candy store, and I cannot believe the value for money your PDFs represent, the price is nominal for the amount of content included. This will keep me happy for a very long time. Thank you so very much. Much Love.

Hi Wendi
I came across your site today and am blown away!! I have to congratulate you on the very detailed and simple way you present your tutorials - they keep it simple and to the point!

Oh my God, you are an Angel sent from above. I have been trying for the past 2 months to figure out how to make a photo cube for my son’s wedding thank you cards. It was
endless, I had given up hope: a friend lent me his computer with Photoshop installed but that was not enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for your tutorials! I have been floundering with Photoshop for so long, and you’re detailed, methodical, and most of all informative; in the sense of exactly how the various techniques are used. 
I followed through your
Layers tutorial and got it all first time - how could you not, since it was so clear? Thanks again!

Hi Wendy,
I am from Argentina, and I want to tell you this is the best site to learn Photoshop. Every lesson is very easy to follow, and step-by-step. Especially for a beginner like me. 
I want to say thank you very much.

Dear Wendi,
I have never written to anyone in this regard before but I just had to write a heartfelt thank you to you for your extraordinary tutorials. My daughter and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon your website whilst researching how to work our PS CS3 (even with countless books and DVDs, we were still so lost as how to do even the most basic tasks within this incredibly powerful program) and then we found your site and mercy are we ever grateful! For the very FIRST time since we have owned our software we were able to finally use it with fabulous results, even my Daughter - who is only 14 years old, was able to easily follow (on her first try, I might add) one of your "Intermediate Plus" tutorials to a tee! She is so proud of herself - as am I; And YOU are the reason for this boost in her self confidence and "I CAN DO IT" attitude, and for this I am most grateful.
Thank you Wendi for taking the time to write these tutorials (I can only imagine all the time and hard work you must have put into these). PS: We will also be purchasing your PSP tutorials when they are available for sale this summer, and this time, we will do it right and not even bother with any books or silly DVDs; we will just wait patiently for your tutorials. You are truly amazing in our book! For a while there I was resigned to thinking that perhaps I was just a tad too dense to ever learn how to work our PS CS3 software, so you could imagine our delight when we found your site and tried our very first tutorial, and it worked so splendidly for us! It was that "Aha!" moment when you say "Mercy”, I get it now!" Thank you so much for giving us that moment, that moment of perfect clarity! I really appreciate your Outstanding Customer Service and it just makes me even more pleased to know that I will be purchasing from not only a gifted tutorial writer but also a genuinely kind person who takes the time to make sure their "Students" feel special. My daughter and I are very much looking forward to being your Students!

I just wanted to let you know that your tutorials have proved invaluable to me. They are so clear and concise. I bought the full tutorial set a little while ago and I am working my way through them when I can. I am really amazed at what I can do now even after just a few lessons. Thanks again.

Hi Wendi
Just wanted to say thanks for helping me learn a little bit more about Photoshop. I have lost count of the quantity of books that I have bought (plus the cost) however I found your tutorials the easiest to follow. Normally I can use software without tuition but for some reason not Photoshop!! I will now purchase the 321 tutorials to further my skills. Thanks again and keep up the good work !!

I purchased your Photoshop tutorials in May this year and I am enjoying working with some of my photos from skills I have learnt from your tutorials. Your tutorials are excellent and very easy to follow for a beginner like myself in Photoshop.

I just want to thank you for the excellent work you do in providing clear instructions using Photoshop. I am pretty good with applications but feel somewhat intimidated by Photoshop, I have the Classroom In A Book but haven’t yet started it. Thanks to its excellent layout, your website lets me do the basic tasks. Thanks again.

I have been searching high and low for suitable Photoshop tutorials. I thank you for making such well-designed, informative and user-friendly tutorials available free to a hungry student like me.

Thanks Wendi for a very nice and interesting website. I'm just learning my Photoshop 2 course and your website has already helped me a lot!!!

I have been using your Photoshop tutorials for a few weeks now. I was so impressed that I have just bought and down loaded the full PDF series.

Gosh! you're so awesome, thank you for building this website, I can learn so much here, I'll be able to enhance my skills here.... More Power!

Thank you for sharing with the world this great tutorial website of yours. I wish you all the best :-)

Hi Wendi
just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your oh-so-easy- to understand tutorial on triptychs -it's the best tutorial for quick results - fab!

I think that your tutorials are really great and easy to understand, I thank you for doing this as I am a beginner in graphic design, but I used to do something similar to it, anyway, I wanted to ask, in the face painting tutorial does the face have to be in black and white?
thank you. (Answered Yes, it does need to be monochrome).

I just wanna thank you for the tutorials. I made my first glitter text tonight! I know it isn’t much, but it’s pretty exciting, take care.

You have a great website. Your Photoshop tutorials are very well explained.

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400+ Photoshop  PDF  & 300 Elements Tutorials + Plugins & Extras

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