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Why Are My GIMP’s Filters Greyed Out?
How Can I Quickly Undo And Redo A Step?
How Do I Quickly Hide (Toggle) GIMP Palettes?
How To Reattach The Tool Options Box To The Toolbox

Why Are My Filters And Effects Greyed Out?  
If you open an image onto GIMP’s workspace and find the Filters, Commands or Effects are greyed out, it could be the image you are trying to edit has been saved in as a GIF, and Filters are designed to work in RGB Mode. To convert your image into RGB Mode, from GIMP’s top menu, choose Image then choose Mode then click RGB Colour. You should now be able to apply Gimp’s Filters and Effects.

How Do I Quickly Toggle My Workspace Palettes?
You can quickly toggle the Palettes/Toolbox on and off by tapping your Keyboard’s Tab Key. Tap the Tab Key again to return your Palettes and Toolbox.

Tab Key

Sometimes the Escape Key tip works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

How Can I Quickly Undo And Redo A Step?
To Undo a step (or steps); press down the Ctrl Key, and then tap the Z Key. To Redo a step (or steps); then press Ctrl and tap the Y Key.

How To Reattach The Tool Options Box To The Toolbox
If you suddenly find the Tool Options box has unattached itself from the Toolbox, as illustrated below. This tip will help you to reattach it.

To reattach the Tool Options box to the Toolbox, left-click over the following area (over the Tool Options box).

And then simply drag and drop the Tool Options box back inside the Toolbox, as illustrated below.

As soon as you release the left-mouse button, the Tool Options box will reattach itself to the Toolbox, as illustrated below.

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