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270+ GIMP PDF Tutorials With Start Images & All Future GIMP PDFs

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270+ Gimp Tutorials
Create A Vivid Image Blend Using Layer Blending Modes - GIMP Beginners Plus
Unzip Zipped Files - GIMP Beginners
Launch GIMP And Organise Its Workspace And Palettes - GIMP Beginners
Create A Rainbow Coloured Muffin - GIMP Intermediate Plus
Remove Colour From Images (Three Different Approaches) - GIMP Beginners Plus
Add Drama By Inverting An Image’s Colours - GIMP Beginners
Disco Ball Photographic Conversion - GIMP Intermediate Plus
Fill A Transparent Layer With Either, A Solid Colour, Pattern Or A Gradient - GIMP  Intermediate
Understand Colour Models - GIMP Beginners
Understand Image Resolution - GIMP Beginners - 10th GIMP Tutorial
Optimise & Save Images, (GIF, JPEG, PNG, Transparent GIFs, XCF (GIMP)) - GIMP  Beginners
Sharpen Images And Photographs - GIMP  Beginners
Understand Layers (Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Tutorial) - GIMP   Beginners
Understand Layer Blending Modes (Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Tutorial) - GIMP   Beginners
Create And Fade Text Reflections (Using A Layer Mask) - GIMP  Intermediate
Apply A Drop Shadow Picture Frame To A Photograph - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Resize Images And Photographs - Your Choices (- GIMP  Beginners
Convert A Photograph Into A Soft And Dreamy Avatar - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create An Animated Pulsating Heart - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Paint Pretty Photo Borders Using The Paintbrush Tool - GIMP  Beginners + - 20th GIMP Tutorial
Extract An Image’s Background Using The Fuzzy Select Tool - GIMP  Intermediate
Create A Photographic Collage (Butterfly & Legs Blend) - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Flakey Photographic Blends - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Distressed (Posterised) Photographic Conversion - GIMP  Beginners
Replace Dull Or Washed Out Skies With A Sunny Sky Photograph - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Replace A Road With A River Using The Free Select Tool - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Quick Pop Art Conversions Using The Hue-Saturation Command - GIMP  Beginners
Blend Two Photographs Together Using The Eraser Tool - GIMP  Intermediate
Add A Single Colour-tone To An Image Using GIMP’s Colourify Filter - GIMP  Beginners
Extract An Object Using The Paths Tool - GIMP Intermediate Plus - 30th GIMP Tutorial
Apply A Soft Focus Filter To A Portrait - GIMP Intermediate
Privacy Blurring: Pixelise Or Blur Certain Photographic Areas - GIMP Beginners Plus
Blend Two Photographs Using A Layer Mask - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Richly Coloured & Textured Photographic Conversion (Clothify Filter) - GIMP Beginners Plus
Place A Photograph Inside Text - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Apply A Greyscale Edge Mask To A Photograph (Attractive Border Fades) - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Apply A Page Curl To A Photograph - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Painterly Photographic Conversions Using GIMP’s Oilify Filter - GIMP Beginners Plus
Glossy Navigation Button Using Gradients (The Blend Tool) - GIMP  Advanced
Apply GIMP’s Cartoon Filter - GIMP  Beginners Plus - 40th GIMP Tutorial
Create An Entwined Name Or Logo - GIMP  Advanced
Replace A Dull Sky Using A Gradient (The Blend Tool) - GIMP  Intermediate
Sharp Gritty Photographic Conversion Using GIMP’s Photocopy Filter - GIMP Beginners Plus
Create A Three-panelled Triptych Picture Frame With Border - GIMP  Advanced
Improve Digital Photographs Using Four Filters - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Improve Scanned Photographs Using Three Filters- GIMP  Beginners Plus
The Rule Of Thirds Concept (Creative Photography) - GIMP  Beginners
Add Dimension & Texture By Applying GIMP’s Weave Filter - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create Psychedelic Plasma Backgrounds - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Black And White Chessboard Pattern - GIMP  Beginners Plus - 50th GIMP Tutorial
Create A Five-image Photographic Vignette Collage - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Convert A Photograph Into A Seamless Pattern - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Stroke Text With Rainbow Colours - GIMP  Intermediate
Stroke Text With A Solid Colour (+ Add A Bevel And A Perspective Shadow) - GIMP  Intermediate
Add A Border To Photographs And Images Using GIMP’s Add Border Script - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Resize Two Images So They Are Of Equal Size - GIMP  Intermediate
Round An Image’s Corners: Apply A Drop Shadow And A New Background - GIMP  Beginners Plus
Remove Lampposts From A Photograph Using The Clone Tool - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Create Unique Alien Fluid Graphics From Scratch - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Apply GIMP’s Fuzzy Border Script (Photo Borders) - GIMP Beginners + 60th GIMP Tutorial
Blend Venetian Blinds With A Subject’s Face - GIMP   Intermediate
Create Photographic Border Fades (Vignettes): GIMP’s Levels Command GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Three-Imaged Film Strip Photographic Collage  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Painterly Neon Glow Photographic Conversions    GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply GIMP’s Glass Tile Filter To A Waterdrop  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply A 3D Outline To Text  GIMP   Intermediate
Apply An Alien Glow To Text  GIMP   Intermediate
Age A Modern Photograph (Using Three GIMP Scripts)  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Glossy Rose Conversion Using Blend Modes  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Adjust An Image’s Colours Using The Retinex Filter  GIMP   Beginners Plus 70th GIMP Tutorial
Pop-art Image Conversion Part 1: Preparation GIMP Intermediate Plus  (Weekend MasterClass)
Pop-art Image Conversion Part 2: Colourise GIMP  Intermediate Plus  (Weekend MasterClass)
Pop-art Image Conversion Part 3: Change The Colours GIMP Intermediate + (Weekend MasterClass)
Pop-art Image Conversion Part 4: Quarter Image Grid GIMP Intermediate + (Weekend MasterClass)
Apply GIMP’s Impressionist Paint Filter  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Apply GIMP’s Van Gogh Paint Filter  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Apply GIMP’s Predator Filter (Outline Objects)  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create Exploding Star Text/Logo   GIMP   Intermediate
Apply GIMP’s Softglow Filter To Produce A High Key Image Conversion  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Geometric Cubism Photographic Conversion   GIMP  Beginners Plus - 80th GIMP Tutorial
Apply GIMP’s Bovination Filter To Text (Cow Spots)   GIMP   Intermediate
Vivid Colour Photo Conversions Using GIMP’s Maximum RGB Filter GIMP  Beginners Plus
Apply GIMP’s Chip Away Filter To Text (Chiselled Text)   GIMP   Intermediate
Add A Canvas Texture To A Photograph Using A Filter GIMP  Beginners Plus
Blend Sea Creatures With Ice (Frozen) GIMP  Intermediate
Apply GIMP’s Chrome Filter To Text    GIMP   Intermediate
Apply GIMP’s Glowing Hot Filter To Text    GIMP   Intermediate
Convert A Photograph Into An Etching  GIMP   Intermediate
Convert A Photograph Into A Pencil Sketch  GIMP   Intermediate
Photographic Tints Using A Colour Fill Layer  GIMP   Intermediate - 90th GIMP Tutorial
Letterbox Framing  GIMP   Intermediate
Comic Book Text (Script)  GIMP   Intermediate
Cool Metal Text (Script)  GIMP   Intermediate
Glossy Shiny Text (Script) GIMP   Intermediate
Create A Circuit Background  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Produce A Lava Background (Script)  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Fractal Pattern   GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Line Nova Pattern  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Spyrograph Background  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Design A Sphere  GIMP  Beginners Plus - 100th GIMP Tutorial
Produce A Ghostly Image Blend  GIMP  Intermediate
Paintbrush Colour Popping (Part Colour Part Monochrome) GIMP  Beginners Plus
Place A Butterfly Inside A Soap Bubble GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Blend Text With Old Wood GIMP  Intermediate
Create & Save A Custom Brush (GIMP Brush - GBR)   GIMP   Intermediate
Create & Save A Colourful Rainbow Picture Brush (Animated Brush - GIH)   GIMP   Intermediate
Create A Custom Brush From A Photograph (GIMP Brush - GBR) GIMP   Intermediate
Create, Save & Apply A Sparkle Brush (Catch Light) (GIMP Brush - GBR)  GIMP   Intermediate
Create, Save & Apply A Copyright Signature Brush  GIMP   Intermediate
Apply A Jigsaw Effect (Filter) To A Photograph GIMP  Beginners Plus - 110th GIMP Tutorial
Paint And Shape Aurora Borealis (Australis) Skies    GIMP     Intermediate Plus
Apply A Video Scan Lines Pattern To A Photograph GIMP  Beginners Plus
Apply A Colourful Alien Map Effect To A Photograph GIMP  Beginners Plus
Apply A Colour Tone Gradient Map To A Photograph GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Contrasting Border Frame GIMP  Intermediate
Add Film Grain To Photographs  GIMP   Beginners Plus
3D Pop Out Out Of Bounds Frame (Swan) Eraser Tool Advanced (Weekend MasterClass) GIMP
Save A Seamless Pattern (GIMP Pattern - pat) To GIMP’s Patterns Folder  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Out Out Of Bounds Collage (Pre-extracted Objects)  Advanced (Weekend MasterClass)  GIMP  
Create Eye-catching Gradient Avatars  GIMP  Beginners Plus - 120th GIMP Tutorial
Create Eye-catching Patterns/Backgrounds Using GIMP’s Fractal Trace Filter  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create An Animated Sphere (Changing Rainbow Colours) GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Quirky Kaleidoscope Effects (GIMP’s Illusion Filter)  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Remove Red Eye (Flash Eye) From People  GIMP  Intermediate
Remove Green/Yellow/Blue Red (Flash Eye) From Animals  GIMP  Intermediate
Remove Facial Lines And Blemishes (Healing Brush Tool)  GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Correct Time Damaged (Colour Faded) Photographs  GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Repair Vintage Photographs Using The Clone & Healing Tools GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Lighten Underexposed (Too Dark) Images Using Adjustment Curves  GIMP   Intermediate
Darken Overexposed (Too Light) Images: Adjustment Curves GIMP Intermediate 130th GIMP Tutorial
Dodge And Burn Photographs (High Contrast Black & White Photo Conversion) GIMP   Intermediate
Straighten Crooked Horizons (Using The Rotate Tool)  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Remove Grain (Noise) From Images GIMP Beginners Plus
Remove Shadows From Photographs (Dodge Tool)    GIMP   Intermediate
Depth Of Field Photographic Conversion (Blur An Object’s Background) GIMP   Intermediate
Create Sinusoidal Gradient Textures Using GIMP’s Sinus Filter  GIMP   Beginners
Design Geometric Gradient Textures Using GIMP’s Qbist Filter  GIMP   Beginners
Basic Text With A Drop Shadow (Script)   GIMP    Intermediate
Basic Text With A Drop Shadow And Gradient (Script)   GIMP    Intermediate
Blended Bevelled Text (Script)   GIMP    Intermediate 140th GIMP Tutorial
Glossy Background Pattern Using GIMP’s Blended Script  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Glossy Textured Background Pattern Using GIMP’s Textured Script GIMP  Beginners Plus
Bovine Background Patterns (Cow Spots) GIMP  Beginners Plus
Chip Away Background Textures  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Comic Book Background Textures  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Glossy Gradient Landscape Textures  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Thin Neon Border  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Gradient Bevel Background Texture  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Psychedelic Diffraction Background Patterns GIMP   Beginners Plus
Vivid CML Background Patterns GIMP  Beginners Plus 150th GIMP Tutorial
Change Eye Colour (Irises)   GIMP    Intermediate Plus
Torn Paper Effects From Scratch (Free Select Tool)  GIMP    Intermediate Plus
Face Painting (Face And Flag Blend - Blend Modes)  GIMP    Beginners Plus
Neon Light Swirl Patterns  GIMP    Intermediate
Photographic Edge Fades (Vignettes) Using A Gradient   GIMP    Intermediate
Fantasy Rainbow Seascapes  GIMP    Intermediate
Convert A Photograph Into Smaller Multiple Images (GIMP’s Small Tiles Filter)  GIMP   Beginners +
Apply GIMP’s Paper Tile Filter To A Photograph   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply A Gold Metallic Chain To A Photograph’s Border   GIMP    Intermediate Plus
High Contrast Black And White With Added Flare   GIMP    Intermediate 160th GIMP Tutorial
Create Geometric Shapes (Spiral) Using GIMP’s Gfig Tool    GIMP    Intermediate Plus
Extract An Object’s Background Utilising GIMP’s Select By Colour Tool   GIMP    Intermediate Plus
Extract An Object’s Background Utilising GIMP’s Foreground Select Tool   GIMP   Intermediate +
Create & Save (& Apply) A Dot Pattern Utilising GIMP’s Pencil Tool   GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Extract An Object’s Background Utilising GIMP’s Scissors Select Tool   GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Quick Mask Photographic Vignette (Faded Borders)  GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Complex Masking Using The Quick Mask Tool (Melted Dali Watch)  GIMP   Advanced
Fun Caricature Photographic Conversions Using GIMP’s IWarp Filter  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Creative Pineapple Slicing (Photographic Collage) GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Lith Photographic Conversion GIMP   Intermediate 170th GIMP Tutorial
3D Photographic Cube GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Blend A Moon Image With A Sky Image - Blend Modes - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Funky Adjustment Curves Photo Conversion - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Levels Editor Light Adjustments - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Scattered Cubism Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Pretty Mosaic Text -  GIMP   Intermediate
Funky Wavy Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Leopard Print Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Fantasy Colourised Silhouettes - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Abstract Scratchy Text GIMP   Intermediate               180th GIMP Tutorial
Cool Blue Glass Tiled Text -  GIMP   Intermediate
Rainbow Filled Text - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Pine Boards Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Rich Chocolate Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Jazzy Edged Photos (Wind Filter) - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Text Filled With Green Foliage - GIMP   Intermediate
Colourised Embossed Photo Conversion - GIMP   Beginners Plus
Psychedelic Pastel Art Filled Text - GIMP  Intermediate
Black And Yellow Striped (Warning Colours) Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Fill Text With Atmospheric Lightning  - GIMP   Intermediate            190th GIMP Tutorial
Stone Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Colourful Abstract Squares Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Shiny Silver Metallic Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Groovy Dried Mud Filled Text - GIMP    Intermediate
Recessed Metallic Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Sunny Sky Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Electric Blue Pattern Filled Text - GIMP    Intermediate
Starfield Filled Text - GIMP  Intermediate
Walnut Veneer Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Union Jack (Union Flag) Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate Plus     200th GIMP Tutorial
Rich Parque Filled Text - GIMP   Intermediate
Add Water Ripples To Photographs - GIMP    Intermediate
Resurface Eyeballs Utilising A Layer Mask - GIMP     Intermediate Plus
Recolour A Car’s Metalwork - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Rainbow Eyes - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Transparent (Watermark) Text - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Add Magical Rainbows To A Photograph - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Add Atmospheric Bolts Of Lightning To A Photograph - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Sabattier (Solorised) Photo Conversion (Adjustment Curves) - GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Apply Falling Snow To A Photograph GIMP    Intermediate       210th GIMP Tutorial
Atmospheric Strawberry Sunrise Conversion With Added Sun Rays GIMP    Intermediate Plus
Define An Image’s Contours GIMP   Beginners Plus
Personalise A Mobile Phone (Image Insertion) GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Mystical Rainbow Seascape GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Colourise Shiny Solorised Skin Tones GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Speed Burst Movement Conversion (Motorbike) GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Mist Over Water Photo Conversion   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Vivid Enchanted Forest Stripes GIMP   Beginners Plus
Early Morning Light Shafts & Sun (Enchanted Forest) GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Animated Snow Scene (Animated Snow) GIMP   Advanced 220th GIMP Tutorial
Black & White Lava Spots Background (Difference Clouds & Levels Editor) GIMP   Beginners Plus
Monochrome Curtain Effect  (Difference Clouds & Levels Editor) GIMP  Beginners Plus
Multicoloured Curtain Effect (The Blend Tool)   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Colourful Neon Tube Pattern (The Blend Tool)   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Multiple Metallic Tubes Pattern (The Blend Tool)   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Smooth Golden Shadows Pattern (The Blend Tool)   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Horizon Background Pattern (The Blend Tool)   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Rainbow Background Pattern (The Blend Tool)   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Colourful Line Nova Explosion   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Ethereal Plasma Background Pattern  GIMP   Beginners Plus     230th GIMP Tutorial
Geometric Fractal (Triangle) Design   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Foreground Movement Trails   GIMP   Intermediate
Highlight Specific Text Areas & Highlight Specific People In A Crowd   GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Cloud Writing - Paint Your Name/Slogan With Fluffy Cotton Wool Clouds   GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Chalk Board Writing   GIMP   Intermediate
Animated Sparkly Rose  GIMP   Advanced
Enlarge Muscles Fun  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Paint & Then Create A Funky Two Tone Swirl Pattern GIMP   Intermediate
Embossed Quilted Background Patterns  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Create A Wispy Smoke Effect     GIMP   Intermediate Plus  240th GIMP Tutorial
Hurl Filter Noise GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply A Spherical Lens Filter GIMP   Beginners Plus
Artistic Sobel Edge Effect   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Newsprint (Halftone Pattern) Photo Conversion  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply Multiple Sparkles GIMP   Beginners Plus
Ripple Image Conversion  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Whirl & Pinch Photo Effect  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply Multiple Supernovas   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Waves Image Conversion GIMP  Beginners Plus
Create A Spinning (Animated) Sphere  GIMP   Beginners Plus     250th GIMP Tutorial
Apply Coffee Stains To Photographs  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Create A Wavy Animation  GIMP   Beginners Plus 
Create An Animated Water Ripple  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Animated Starry-Night Filled Text  GIMP   Intermediate Plus
Create 3 Unique Seamless Patterns (Utilise With Tutorial Above)  GIMP  Intermediate
Slide Photo Conversion  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Lap Lace Edge Conversion  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Create Jagged (Torn) Edges Using The Slur Filter  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Apply GIMP’s Erode Filter (Decrease An Image’s Bright Areas)  GIMP   Beginners Plus
GIMP’s Dilate Filter (Increase An Image’s Bright Areas) GIMP Beginners + 260th GIMP Tutorial
Vivid Smooth Background Patterns  GIMP   Intermediate
Cracked Earth Photo Blend  GIMP  Intermediate Plus
Vivid Difference Of Gaussians Photo Conversion   GIMP   Beginners Plus
Lens Distortion Photo Warps   GIMP  Beginners Plus
Pixel Blur Photographs  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Polar Coordinates Image Bending   GIMP  Beginners Plus
Erase Every Other Row Filter To Create Striped Images  GIMP  Beginners Plus
Decompose Filter - Remove Colour  GIMP   Beginners Plus
Studio Backgrounds GIMP Beginners My 1,500th Tutorial: 414 Photoshop, 314 Elements, 503 PSP, 269 GIMP.
Spread Noise Photo Conversion   GIMP   Beginners Plus   270th GIMP Tutorial
Create A Vividly Colourised Bit Map Image  GIMP   Beginners Plus

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