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by Wendi E. M. Scarth.

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How To Launch GIMP


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This tutorial demonstrates how to start GIMP. (I am using Windows XP). 

New Additions To GIMP 2.8
How To Reattach The Tool Options Box To The Toolbox
How To Open (And Then Layer Together) Multiple Files

To begin, locate, and then left-click the following GIMP tab.

GIMP will then launch, and you will see the following GIMP Startup Splash Screen.

Now, when GIMP opens, it won’t be maximised, as other image manipulation software are. Instead, you will see the following docked workspace. To maximise GIMP, you need to click the following Maximise tab that is located along GIMP’s top-right menu.

You’ll need to maximise GIMP’s workspace every time you launch GIMP.

After clicking the Maximise tab, you then need to personalise your Workspace’s Palettes. 

Click To Enlarge

For example, if you want to permanently display the Layers Palette and the Undo History Palette, from GIMP’s top menu, choose Windows and then choose Dockable Dialogues, and then click Layers and Undo History - as illustrated below. Then drag the Palettes to where you like. 

To open an image onto GIMP’s workspace, from the top menu, choose File and then choose Open - Ctrl then O. And from the subsequent Open Image dialogue box, navigate to a folder of your choice, highlight an image, and then click the following Open button.

Your choice of image will then open onto GIMP’s workspace - as illustrated

To open a New Blank Image, from the top menu, choose File then choose New - Ctrl then N. And from the subsequent Create a New Image dialogue box, either select a Template, or enter Width and Height dimensions of your choice, and then click OK.

Advanced Settings (Set The New Image’s Background Colour)

How To Reattach The Tool Options Box To The Toolbox
If you suddenly find the Tool Options box has unattached itself from the Toolbox, as illustrated below. This tip will help you to reattach it.

To reattach the Tool Options box to the Toolbox, left-click over the following area (over the Tool Options box).

And then simply drag and drop the Tool Options box back inside the Toolbox, as illustrated below.

As soon as you release the left-mouse button, the Tool Options box will reattach itself to the Toolbox, as illustrated below.

Congratulations, now you know how to launch GIMP and organise its Palettes, you can begin creating.

Wendi E M Scarth.
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