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GIMP (GNU) Terms

All content of this website - including Intellectual Property (IP), is copyright, and all on-line and PDF tutorials are is strictly for personal (single) and non-profit use.

 All Trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

No part of this website can be copied, or distributed, either in whole, or in part, or placed onto an electronic retrieval system, without my expressed (written), permission. Online tutorials, start images/materials and ornamental picture frames are offered on the understanding that they are for single, personal, non commercial use - and are not to be passed onto others, or sold. On-line tutorials may not be utilised for commercial use; nor utilised by commercial, or non-commercial groups and organisations.   My tutorials are not hosted on other websites, nor do I host other people’s tutorials on my website. 


All content of this website
is Copyright  to: 
Wendi E. M. Scarth.

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