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Welcome to Kitten Watch - Harry in a bucket!

Welcome to kitten Watch

The following pages were created to chronicle Harry’s first year with us, and his relationship with his new family of four older cats, and Sacha.
Harry was born on 23rd April 2005,
England’s St George’s Day.


Harry May 2010 - Click to enlarge

The following image captures Harry’s first day in his new home, and I am pleased to say - he completely took over. He remains firmly in charge of myself, Peter, Sacha and our four (completely disinterested), felines.
He has needles for teeth, talons for claws and runs faster than the speed of light.
Of approximately 50 kittens we have had, (we have not kept all of them mind you) - Harry is the most adventurous,
and the funniest.
Welcome to the madhouse Harry!

Sacha and Harry's first meeting

The following photographs were taken on Harry’s first day,
14th June 2005.

Harry’s first Photograph

Harry's first photograph

Harry on his first day

Harry playing with our window blind cord

Peekaboo Harry

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