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Maximilian (Maxim - Max) Labradoodle

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Max aged 8 Weeks

Max - Double-Doodle - Born 21st July 2014.

Max’s mum and gran-mum are both chocolate coloured Labradoodles. His dad is a Standard Poodle. This makes Max a F3b type Labradoodle - third generation.
F stands for Filial - (relating to or due from a son or daughter), 3 stands for generation, and b stands for back-crossing with one of the parent’s breed, in this case (and typically), the Standard Poodle. His coat is a wool coat which means he has tight thick curls; whilst Molly my Springerdoodle - English Springer Spaniel and Miniature Poodle hybrid - has a wavy fleece coat; which means her coat is wavy and is tightly curled only when wet. Molly’s coat is soft and silky, whilst Max’s coat is denser and coarser which makes it harder to clip and takes forever to dry - lol. Whilst Molly’s coat can air dry in the sun in half an hour on a walk, Max takes all day and night to fully air dry and therefore requires the help of a hairdryer. Finally, Max has an undercoat and Molly doesn’t.

This puppy diary is dedicated to my husband Peter, who died 9th February 2014. 
Peter, you would absolutely adore Max. You’d also be very proud of Molly, she’s looking after her little brother and her mummy, of course. Molly misses her daddy!
Bringing Max into my life as a six week old puppy; watching him grow and bond with Molly (they love to play with each other) and taking the photographs to create this
on-line diary has been extremely therapeutic and has helped the grieving process in a massive way. I have grown more in the past year and a half - since Peter died - than I have in my entire lifetime- I have “found myself” and I am content.

Peter, just before you died you said to me “Molly is your soul mate, she will look after you, keep you going after I have gone - you were wrong you know; you were my soul mate, you always were and always will be. Little Molly is now carrying the
soul mate baton for you.

I am living my life now, I am happy being with my bears and I am thriving in honour of your memory. You know I am a survivor!

 You were my rock and soul-mate for over 33 years, I will never forget that, nor you.
I will stay loyal to you; - there will never be another man in my life, apart from Max.

Sacha & Peter - R. I. P. 2014

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Sacha & Peter

Max is named after the handsomely brooding character Maximilian De Winter (Sir Laurence Olivier) from Daphne Du Maurier’s Novel Rebecca.

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Max at 6 weeks 3 days old
- Tuesday 9th September 2014 - within half an hour of bringing him home - he hadn’t yet met Molly- taken with my phone.

First pic of Max six weeks 3 days old

Max at 6 weeks 3 days old - Tuesday 9th September 2014 - within an hour of bringing him home - taken on my phone - cropped.

First pic of Max six weeks 3 days old

Max - 7 Weeks Old

Max 8 weeks old


Tiny Max


Molly's Ears - Up In The Air

No Kitchen Prior To Plastering

Tiny Max

Max - 8 Weeks Old


Greedy Boy Max

Max in my hand

Molly & Max - Max 10 Weeks

Molly & Max - Size Comparison


Molly Gorgeous Springerdoodle


Cheeky Boy

Molly - Springerdoodle - Two Years Old

Molly - Springerdoodle

Max at 13 weeks old - The first time Max went out for a (brief) walk - I carried him mainly - taken with my phone.
Monday 13th October 2014.

 Max's first ever walk

Max at 14 weeks old

Max 14 weeks old

Max, Molly and Tennis Ball - lol

Cheeky Boy

Running through Autumn leaves

Max Tucked Up In Bed

Max In bed Night Night xx

Molly & Max - Max 15 Weeks Old

Molly & Max Tug-of-war

Max @ 16 Weeks Old - Bigger Than Molly

Molly and Max



Max & Molly

Max @ 17 Weeks Old


Seaton Sluice Beach 16th November 2014

Max Beach

Max & Molly Running

Max & Molly running

Big Sea - Blyth Lighthouse In Background

Big Sea

Max - Silhouette


Molly and Max

Gorgeous Waves

Max @ 18 Weeks Old


Max & Molly

Max @ 19 Weeks Old


That's my boy


Max @ 20 Weeks Old

Seaton Sluice Beach December 2014

Tynemouth Longsands December 2014

Max @ 21 Weeks Old
(You Tell Him Molly).

My “Little” Constellation

New Balls Please

My Lovely New “Retro” Fuji Film Camera With Camera Raw & HDR & 3D - Gorgeous!

Camera Set To High Dynamic Range - HDR
(Photo Unedited - Excellent Outcome)

HDR (High Dynamic Range Not Set - Unedited - Massive Difference
In Clarity & Lighting

Same Image Edited In Photoshop

 My Excellent Nikon Bridge - 21x Zoom

Nikon 21X Zoom

Molly - Taken Using New Fuji Camera

Molly Fuji  Camera

Sacha & Peter

Max Polar Bear

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
Sacha & Peter







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