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Maximilian (Maxim - Max) Labradoodle

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Max aged 8 Weeks

Max - Double-Doodle - Born 21st July 2014.

Max’s mum and gran-mum are both chocolate coloured Labradoodles. His dad is a Standard Poodle. This makes Max a F3b type Labradoodle - third generation.
F stands for Filial - (relating to or due from a son or daughter), 3 stands for generation, and b stands for back-crossing with one of the parent’s breed, in this case (and typically), the Standard Poodle. His coat is a wool coat which means he has tight thick curls; whilst Molly my Springerdoodle - English Springer Spaniel and Miniature Poodle hybrid - has a wavy fleece coat; which means her coat is wavy and is tightly curled only when wet. Molly’s coat is soft and silky, whilst Max’s coat is denser and coarser which makes it harder to clip and takes forever to dry - lol. Whilst Molly’s coat can air dry in the sun in half an hour on a walk, Max takes all day and night to fully air dry and therefore requires the help of a hairdryer. Finally, Max has an undercoat and Molly doesn’t.

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Sacha & Peter

21st March 2015 - Max 8 Months Old Today

Max at 8 weeks & 8 months old

A Run In The Wood

Splash Molly, Ball & Max Wallsend Burn 21 March 2015

Max Bear-like In Burn

Max & Molly

Max In Burn 8 Months Old Today

Max Enjoying The Burn

Molly, Hand & Ball Shadow

Max Chewing On A Goldendoodle

Max Chasing Godlendoodle friend

Ball, Molly & Max (Stairs I Run Up)

Molly & Her Ball


22nd March - Seaton Sluice Beach
Me And My Bears - Beautiful Morning

Just Arrived At T' Beach

Max in the sea foam 22 March 2015 8 months old

Polar bear

Molly, Ball & Max

Container Ship Blyth Harbour

Max & Molly


Max & Molly


Molly & Ball

Front Lobby Max 25th March 2015

27th March Molly Large Chew

27th March Max's Large Chew

Max and Molly 1st April 2015

Max & Molly 2nd April 2015

Max 2nd April



Molly and Max


My hand & camera shadows,Molly & ball

Max sniffing 2nd April 2015

Molly leaping

Max leaping

Molly and her ball

Easter Sunday Morning - 5th April 2015
A Comparatively Busy Seaton Sluice Beach

Molly, Ball Splash & Max 5th April 2015

Molly Easter Sunday

Max Seaton Sluice Harbour Easter Sunday


Sand and Sea

Max & Friend Easter Sunday

Max wet 5th

Rocky Island & Queens Arms Seaton Sluice

Max & Molly 5th

Molly,Ball& Max

Seaton Sluice Pier & Max

Happy Max running

Bear Dancing Pre Hair Cut

Molly & Max Bear Hugging

6th April 2015 - Max’s First Haircut
(A Light Trim For Spring)

6th April Max's Hair Clippings

Pre-Haircut - All Fluffy
I Clip Molly & Max Myself As I Don’t Trust Anyone Else With Them!

Max sniffing 2nd April 2015

Post-Haircut - He No Longer Looks Fat

Max Nice New Haircut His First

Molly & Max  After Max's Haircut 6th April

Molly & Max  After Max's Haircut 6th April

Max Leg-cock

Molly 8th April 2015

12th April A Cold & Windy S. Sluice Beach

12th Max and pebbles

12 April Max

12 April heavy sky

12 April Max

12 smiling

12th  Molly & Ball

12th April Heavy Clouds

In Sand Dunes

13th April Molly's haircut

Max Bird-watching - 15th April 2015

Max watching the birds

Max 8 months & 7 weeks  15th April 2015

Can You Spot The Tennis Ball?

Max & Molly

21st April 2015 - Max 9 Months Old Today

9 Months Old max 21 April 2015

Lovely Blossom 21st April 2015

Lovely Morning 21 April M&M Running Free

Max & Molly In Wood

Happy Still 21st April

Water Max

23rd April George’s Day 2015
“Follow your spirit, and upon this charge cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George’.
William Shakespeare.
Battle of Agincourt 1415.

St George's Day 2015

Max St George's Day 2015

23 April 2015

Sunday 26th April - Sunny Seaton Sluice

26th April Beach

Molly and Max's Footprints

Max 26th

Really up close 26th


Water's Edge

Molly 26th April  (Very sandy)


Max and Molly


Girl and ball

That's my boy

Boat 26th

In the dunes 26th


Max and Molly

Molly and Ball

Max in dunes

Tynemouth 26th April 2015

North & South Piers Tynemouth

My car with Molly and Max inside

26th April Tynemouth Priory (The Haven - Bay)

South Shields From Priory Car Park

Max & Molly 27th

Max & Molly 27th

2nd May Sunny Afternoon Walk In Dene
Molly’s New Walking Harness Neoprene Lined For Comfort

Molly, Ball & Max

What, no ball?

Max grabbing Molly's tail

Molly, Ball & Max in the wood

Molly catching her ball


Molly & Max

Little and Large

Splash 2nd May

Max wet feet - dirty boy!

Max in river/burnMolly & ball

Ball & Molly

Max happy

Priory Wallsend Dene

Wild English Bluebells

Seaton Sluice Beach Sunday 3rd May 2015 
Pouring down, freezing cold & very windy; (fair weather supporters only); no photos as I forgot my camera. Everyone returned home soaked to the skin, freezing, tired & very happy!

Molly Soaking

Max soaked

Molly & Max Wallsend Dene

Wallsend Dene (Burn) Max

Running down to burn

Max 7th May

7th may 2015

Sunday 10th May - Old Hartley To Whitley Bay Lighthouse - Along The Cliff Tops

Just starting walk, Ball, Molly and Max

Max & St Mary's lighthouse

Max - don't jump lol....

Bluebells On Clifftops - beautiful!

That's my girl!

That's my boy!

Glittery sea

My Pink Hunter Wellies

St Mary's Lighthouse Whitley Bay

Molly & Ball on causeway - tide's in

Max smiling

Max on lighthouse causeway

Lighthouse beach

Wood Pigeon

M & M having fun on beach


Lots of seaweed

Waggonway Morning Walk - 13th May 2015

Start of walk 13th May 2015

Waggonway walk Max

Tree-lined sky

Max & Molly on waggonway


Max & Molly

Freedom for my bears

Glade &  Molly

Glade & Max

Camping glade

Molly waiting for her mum

Max & burn/river

Burn/river, dirty ball & Molly

Burn I cross every morning

Skyline & trees

Wallsend Dene - nearly back home - one & a half hour's walk

Nearly home - up the steep hill

13th May - Afternoon Walk

Molly, Ball & Max in the meadow

Molly & Max

Naughty Max biting Molly

M & M Meadow


Running bear Molly


Max & Molly

Max in meadow


Molly Attempting The Impossible - 14th May



You tell him Molly

Molly & Max 15th May

15th Sun Terrace


Dandelions, Daises & Buttercups - before the grass is cut - 16th May 2015

Dandelions, Daises & Buttercups

Max & Molly a lovely afternoon


Molly, Ball & Max

Ball & Molly in a field of Dandelions, Daises & Buttercups

Max & Molly


Max in the wood

Sky trees


Max with the ball for once

Max 16th

Seaton Sluice Beach & Harbour 17th
8.30 am - we couldn’t move for people - lol.

Packed beach again lol


Heavy sky sea sparkle

Seaton Sluice Harboue

Molly Bakk & Max


Molly & Ball

Harbour - tide's out

Max trying to escape


Seaweed wall

Ladders in harbour


The Kings Legs, Feet, Arms or Head  - Seaton Sluice

Molly, Ball & Max

Looking from inside harbour

Rocky Island

Large rocks

Max leaping


Max digging

Running Bear

Chasing the Galls

Seaton Sluice Vista

Seaton Sluice Village

Rapeseed Fields

21st February 2015 Agile Max  Seven Months Old

21st February - Spring is just around the corner - Willow Tree Catkins

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
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