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Max aged 8 Weeks

Max - Double-Doodle - Born 21st July 2014.

Max’s mum and gran-mum are both chocolate coloured Labradoodles. His dad is a Standard Poodle. This makes Max a F3b type Labradoodle - third generation.
F stands for Filial - (relating to or due from a son or daughter), 3 stands for generation, and b stands for back-crossing with one of the parent’s breed, in this case (and typically), the Standard Poodle. His coat is a wool coat which means he has tight thick curls; whilst Molly my Springerdoodle - English Springer Spaniel and Miniature Poodle hybrid - has a wavy fleece coat; which means her coat is wavy and is tightly curled only when wet. Molly’s coat is soft and silky, whilst Max’s coat is denser and coarser which makes it harder to clip and takes forever to dry - lol. Whilst Molly’s coat can air dry in the sun in half an hour on a walk, Max takes all day and night to fully air dry and therefore requires the help of a hairdryer. Finally, Max has an undercoat
and Molly doesn’t.

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Sacha & Peter

21st June 2015 - Max 11 Months Old Today

 St Mary’s Cove - 8.30 AM
Max 11 month's today - 21 June 2015

21st June - Summer Solstice - Longest Day
St Mary's Lighthouse



Molly looking for ball - it's at nine oClock-ish

Max digging

Max & Molly

Molly 21 June - little darling

Steps out of cove

Leaving  a packed St Mary's Cove

From Car Park

Holywell Dene - 21st June 2015
Holywell Dene

Holywell Dene

21st June - Late Evening Sunshine
Max & Molly 21st June 2015 upper sun terrace

Lower terrace - newly painted

Chilean Potato Plant

Disco Lights

Max & Molly 21st June 2015

The shed that Peter built

Max @ Back Door

Max & Molly

Disco Ball.

Max & Molly

Molly & Max

Maxy chewing

Molly in bed

27th June - A Gorgeous Morning


leaping Max

Cheaky face

26th June 2015


Molly's tale & Max

Max with a leaf


Max & Molly playing

Max & Molly Looking For A Cat Next Door
Looking for cat

Max & Molly

5th July 2015 - Glorious Morning
Molly & Max


Wimbledon Fortnight
Anyone for tennis? Wouldn't that be nice!


Molly & Max


Molly, Ball, Max & Friends.


Seaton Sluice Harbour.

Our beach.

Holywell dene from Seaton Sluice Harbour (zoom)

Melton Constable

Max & Molly

Max & Molly

Up close


Wayhay - Max



Max up close

8th July - Wet Morning Walk
Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza, Wallsend Dene
Walking by the heady aroma of Honeysuckle
Spotted Orchid

Spotted Orchid Deeper Violet

Spotted Orchid

Wild Honeysuckle

Gorgeous aroma

Honeysuckle - Killingworth Waggonways

Max in summer meadow


Summer meadow

Clover flower covered in water drops


Max and Molly Drooked

Spotted orchid

Lots of water drops

Insect in flower

Wild flowers


Summer flowers

Up close

Pink summer flowers


Summer flowers


Wall of wild honeysuckle

Front garden roses & ivy

Canopy of leaves (tunnel)

Front garden roses

11th July 2015 - Max’s Buster Collar Back On
Max’s pollen allergy has been causing havoc to his skin and he’s nibbling it to the point it is red raw and bleeding - little sod! He’s currently on antihistamines, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication and had been to the vets three times in six weeks.
Poor Maxim.
He is a lot brighter now, and his leg will heal in no time - so fingers crossed.
His collar is removed on walks, supervised playtime and meals.

11th July Max with Buster Collar

Poor Max

Poor soree leg - self mutilation

Poor Max

12th July Seaton Sluice Beach

Max 11th July

Strip of sandbank


Seaton Sluice Beach

Max starting to dig his pit

Max still digging

In goes my back pack lol

Happy Max

Max and sand ripples

Max taking a drink

My Cathedral chimes from New Zealand


Shades of blue chimes from New Zealand

Max and toy

Lovely Molly

Silly Max


Lovely Max

Max's brown eye (s)

Molly catching her ball


New hairccut

Molly & Max summer meadow

Red Campion

In the clover

Bee Orchid

Pinks close up


Max playing Molly & ball

Max Tynemouth Haven

Molly Tynemouth Haven

North & South piers

Max splashing

Max amongst seaweed

Tynemouth Haven

Molly Haven

Running bear

Tynemouth Priory 900+ years old

Molly  & Ball

DFDS Ferry

Port of Tyne

Collingwood monument behind Haven




North & South Piers

North Pier - closed to high winds

King Edward's Bay Tynemouth Castle & Priory & Molly

21st July 2015
Happy 1st Birthday Maximilian! 
You have made mine and Molly’s lives complete - you are adored;
a Labradorable!

Happy First Birthday Max

The collage below; - top left, six weeks old; top right, 3 months old; bottom left, 6 months old; bottom right, 9 months old & the middle image is Max’s first birthday - 12 months old.

Max's Birthday Collage

Max’s 1st birthday walk around Wallsend Dene

Wallsend Dene our 4 mile morning walk

Ball, Molly & Max

Running birthday boy

Max & Molly playing

Best friends

Birthday boy

Molly & Max

1788 gravestone

Bee Orchid

Priory ruin

Bee Orchid

Molly, Max & Ball

Molly's "Soldier's Buttons" flower seeds

Little and Large

Molly's raincoat

Max's raincoat

Molly & Max  Max's 1st birthday

Max Molly & myself

Max's & My Shadows 10th February


Sunset 18th August 2015

Water drops

Water drops

2nd September 2015 - Early Autumn Haircuts Using My New Professional Clippers
(I clip Molly & Max every 4 weeks).



Molly and Max

Molly & Max

What a cutie


Molly lovely and glossy




16th October 2015 - Our Early Morning Walk

Max in T wood

Max glowing in the dark

Autumn russet colours

Max & Molly early mornign walk

England Ruby World Cup 2015

Max in the wood

Deep in t' wood

Lovely autumn

Autumn leaves

Leaves galore


Seaton Sluice Beach - 17th October 2015

Max & Molly


Max in the sea foam

Molly Has Her Ball Back - Yippee!

Molly and her ball




24th October 2015 - Molly Enjoying A Chew


Sleepy Maxim

Horse Chestnut

Garden Berries

Max in the sea

26th October 2015 - New Nikon Coolpix S700 Compact Camera

Coolpix S7000

Lovely Max

Molly, Ball & Max

Molly, Ball & Max

Max next to burn/stream

Molly & Ball


Molly, Ball & Max

Molly Max Ball

Molly, Ball & Max

Secret Burn

Max & Molly water-gazing



Big Boy Max

Molly & Max & Ball

Lovely Max


Max & Molly


Max & Molly playing


The Burn/Stream

Steep Bank

Max being silly

Max Rolling down a hill



Steep bank

Max & Molly


Running Bear Max

Where my husband, Peter’s ashs are scattered

Beautiful Wood


Molly Just After Her Haircut- 27th October 2015
Molly just been clipped

Max being silly


29th October - Happy Wedding Anniversary Peter
 I miss you so much and wish you were here with us.


Max, Molly and Ball

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
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