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Molly's Diary (Puppy Watch 2012) Page Eight

 7th November 2012 - Molly Is Ten Months Old Today
Thankfully, Molly shows no signs of being sensible, any time soon. 
(Molly experienced her first Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night on the 5th of November. However, even though it was extremely noisy, she paid absolutely no attention to the constant loud bangs and firework sounds). 

She’s playful, mischievous, naughty, loyal, faithful, friendly, and most importantly, mostly, just wants to please us. 

We still have to watch her like a hawk, as there’s nothing she won’t steal, and run off with. Now that it’s Autumn, I’ve lost count of the times Molly’s run off with my gloves, hat, scarf, etc. lol.

We have been brushing her twice a day for a while now, and boy is that fun.
To Molly, being groomed is the greatest game of all
time. Come to think of it, Sacha isn’t much better, and she’s thirteen years old - lol.

Seems like we have lots of grooming fun ahead of us.

Molly With A New Squeaky Pig Toy

Molly Aged Ten Months (With New Piggy Toy)

Molly Running Away From Camera
On account of her spectacularly lavish tail, it’s sometimes hard to tell where her head is - lol..
I often find myself talking to Molly’s tail.

Back To Front @ 10 Months

Sacha & Molly’s Box Of Indoor Toys - 9th Nov. 2012.

Indoor Box Of Toys

By the time I’d finished taking toy box photos, Molly had kindly rearranged them for me. The black toy box below is now nearly empty.

Oh what a fun photo session that was.... lol.

Indoor Box Of Toys

Molly 10 Months

Sacha With Piggy

Sacha with Piggy

Molly 10 Months

Tail Swishing

Molly 10 Months

Let’s Dance - 15th November 2012

Molly 10 Months

RIP Jack - 1st August 1994 to 22nd November 2012
(Aged 18 Years & Three Months)
Jack 1st August 1994 to 22nd November 2012
Our lovely Jack died peacefully today.
 We have had over 18 years with you Jack, and our lives will never be the same without you.

We will miss you Jack, (AKA Juniper).

(Jack Collage - Click To Enlarge)
Jack Collage - Click To Enlarge


Molly 10 Months  

Molly 10 Months

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