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Molly's Diary (Puppy Watch 2012) Page One

Molly’s Diary, First Day 21st February 2012.
(Molly was born 7th January 2012).

Welcome to the mad house Molly!

22nd February 2012 - Day One - First Afternoon!

Molly (below right) at six weeks old, with her beautiful mum, Holly, on the left.

 In tribute to a very gracious and special person, we have named our puppy Molly, after Peter’s mum Muriel - otherwise know as Molly.

Molly is our latest addition and is a Springerdoodle. That is to say, her mum is a lively English Springer Spaniel, and her dad is an energetic chocolate brown Poodle.

What a beautiful combination.

Holly’s having a nap at the moment, and Sacha and I are nipping out for a spot of fresh air. In the mean time, daddy (Peter) is left holding the baby.

Holly left - Molly right.

The proud father. Koko’s a chocolate brown Miniature Poodle. Isn’t he gorgeous!

Koko, Molly's Daddy


  Molly’s a little hard to photograph, on account of the fact that she wants to be everywhere at the same time, lol..

She’s absolutely adorable; she’s very friendly, loving, playful and exceedingly sweet.

Below, Sacha & Molly meet for the very first time.

Sacha & Molly meet for the very first time

Sacha’s nearly thirteen, and being an only dog for most of her life, is understandably not too keen about Molly trying to suckle from her. Even though when Sacha was a puppy, she herself tried to suckle from one of out dogs at the time,
(Bobby our English Springer Spaniel) who in turn, unsurprisingly, wasn’t to keen either...

Below, Molly’s first day.

Molly's first day

Below, Molly introducing herself to Sacha.

Molly & Sacha

Peter & Molly, below; on the day of her arrival - what a little cutie.

Molly & Peter day 1

22nd February 2012 - Day Two - First Full Day!

Molly’s first night passed relatively smoothly, she slept most of the night.... We are now getting to know one another, slowly finding out each others foibles and needs. Molly has many calls, and we are learning to match her calls to her needs...

Our four Cats on the other hand are doing a great impersonation of indifference. It’s all a front of course, non of our cats wants to be the first to take notice of Molly.

She is very slowly being introduced to our felines, and will be fully acknowledged as soon as one makes the first move..... (typical Copy Cats).

Sacha is fantastic with Molly, well done Sacha - you are our little star.

Got to sign off for the day, lots to do... More Soon!

23rd February 2012

Crikey, what a lot of very sharp teeth Molly has. Lol.

She is settling in nicely, and is becoming very attached to Peter and myself. She wakes up twice night and quickly goes back to sleep. She is
eating, playing and integrating extremely well. It’s as if she has always been here.

Sacha is getting lots of love, and much reassurance that she hasn’t been forsaken. She is adjusting to having a very playful baby sister, slowly but surely. We are making sure Sacha’s routine is not interrupted too much, and that she, Sacha, has as much space from Molly as possible - until Molly has been fully accepted by Sacha. Which won’t be too long now.

Sacha and myself do a Pilates machine workout every morning. (That is to say, I do the workout, and Sacha sits on the carriage). At this time, whilst Peter is seeing to our cats, Molly is safe and sound in her pen, eating her breakfast.

24th February 2012
Toes, Noses And Earlobes
Lol, despite a copious amount of chew-toys that are at Molly’s disposal, her favourite pastime is trying to chew our toes, noses and earlobes - ouch!

(Because she is just six weeks old, we are giving her a little bit of latitude, whilst encouraging her to chew her chew-toys)...

Molly looking at Sacha

Molly is now developing her own little personality and has the cutest little bark and play-growl. She is an absolute bundle of fun and joy.

Molly is enjoying her food and can eat for England.

I am off to bath Sacha, below, as it’s her bath day, which she loves. Because of her exceptionally hairiness, the most time consuming part is the
blow-drying , lol - which she also loves, as she receives a second massage.

Sacha (Little Madame)

26th February 2012
Molly was seven weeks old yesterday, (Saturday).

She’s been sleeping right through the night for three days now: - I only wish I knew her secret... and she “toilets/bathrooms” in the right place more often than not. What a little star... Molly’s our fourth (marital)
puppy, and she is the quickest to learn by a distance.
She is certainly teaching us a thing or two about puppy training/rearing, lol.

Molly & Tigger

Molly is happy both entertaining herself, or playing with myself, Peter and Sacha. (Our scaredy-cats still aren’t too keen, lol)

27th February 2012 - Sacha’s Taking Notice -
Yesterday, Sacha finally stopped running away from
Molly, and began to take notice of her....
Although Molly has been a pest to Sacha for the past six days; Sacha is much too sweet a dog to implore her to stop. Thankfully, Sacha has learned to give Molly a tiny warning nip (she doesn’t hurt Molly at all) - just as Molly’s litter-mates would have done; and this has stopped Molly pestering Sacha. Yesterday afternoon, Sacha was actually instigating play with Molly. Both dogs ended up having great fun. Sacha can now cope with Molly, in small doses.

That’s fantastic news! Now Sacha realises’ Molly’s not a threat, equilibrium is being restored in the household. Oh, and the cats, aren’t quite so scaredy, and are taking more notice of Molly.

It’s been one heck of a hectic weekend!

28th February 2012 - Hallelujah!
 Little Molly has been part of our family for a week now, and peace has finally been restored to the household, hallelujah, as George Frideric Handel would say.....

Sacha and Molly are best mates, and regularly play with each other. Sacha has many safe places where she can escape Molly’s tiny “Langoliers” (Stephen King), teeth.

Molly sleeps through the night and is well on her way to being “house-trained”.

On 5th March, we are taking Sacha and Molly to the vets to receive Molly’s first, and Sacha’s Booster, injection.
It’ll be interesting to see which little girl makes the most fuss, Sacha or Molly. 

Our cats are nearly used to Molly’s presence. Our youngest cat, Harry, was the most put out, which is what we expected. Ben and Jack are perfectly fine; however, Thomas, who is a little highly strung, is still a tad leery; although, he’s progressing very nicely.

Molly is growing very quickly, we can see a big difference in just one week.

I wonder what Sacha will think when she’s eventually outsized by little Molly? 

In familiar surroundings, Molly is full of confidence and bravado. It’s fantastic seeing her reactions to new, and sometimes strange experiences. 

As you can see by the image below, she is growing into a cheeky, mischievous and highly entertaining little girl.

We cannot wait for Molly to receive her full inoculation injections. After her second injection, and then waiting a week for it to establish, it’ll be safe for her to meet other dogs for the very first time. (In a controlled environment).

 This will be around the 26th March, 2012.

3rd March 2012
Molly’s As Good As Gold!

Little Molly has fully settled into our routine and is now a fully fledged member of our family: fully accepted by all, in reasonable doses of course! She is now in the process of rounding up our cats, and giving voice to them in her cute puppy bark. It’s definitely a mad house now.

Molly has enriched the whole households’ lives and has put a spring into everyone’s step. She’s as mad as a box of frogs.

Molly has recently discovered warp drive, and is now faster than the speed of light! As a consequence of her newly found speed, the whole family (cats, Sacha Peter and myself) have lost weight. The Molly Fitness Regime is working a treat.

Below, Sacha And Molly: Molly’s First Outdoor Adventure.

2nd March 2012 Sacha & Molly

 Molly’s “bring it on” attitude, below, is hilarious

Molly Seven Weeks Old

Fully Settled Into A Routine
For the past week, (She has been with us a week and a half) - Molly has been sleeping right though the night. I am pleased to say, she is happy with her routine, is fitting in with the family perfectly, and is a wonderful addition to our lives. She is an absolute delight, and has a sweet, loving nature, just like Sacha.

Sacha is happy and has adjusted very well. She still has lots of special time with just me, (Wendi), and is enjoying Molly in reasonable small doses. She loves to instigate play with Molly, and is able to calm Molly down when she becomes too much.

Molly can proceed from calm and quite to warp drive, in a nano second.

Molly Seven Weeks Old

Beware Of Camera Lens Nose-Smudges
Molly has a habit of suddenly attacking the camera lens with her wet nose, leaving a lovely nose lens-smudge. Unfortunately, the first time she did this, we only discovered the smudge effect whilst browsing the images on our computer. Most of the images were irretrievably smudged, however, on a positive note, forewarned is forearmed, and we are ready for her nose now. LOL....  

Molly Seven Weeks Old

Molly Eights Weeks

Molly received her first inoculation Monday 5th March.
Sacha received her Booster the same day. We had a lot of fun at the vets. There was lots of people fussing over Sacha and Molly - both girls behaved impeccably, didn’t cry, and where a big hit with others. (We thought the nurse was going to keep little Molly - lol).
 Both girls return for a second inoculation on the 19th of March. Molly can go out for the first time to socialise with other dogs on 26th March.
A week later, (2nd April), they receive their final injection to prevent Parvovirus.

Poor little Molly is currently dog-tired, and is now fast asleep in her puppy-pen......

We cannot wait to take little Molly (with Sacha), for her first walk.

Best Wishes,
 Wendi E. M. Scarth.

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