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Maximilian & Molly Photo Diary

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Max & Molly’s Photo Diary

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Max aged 8 Weeks

Molly 8 Weeks Old With Her English
Springer Spaniel Mum, Holly.

Holly left - Molly right.

Max - Labradoodle - Born 21st July 2014
Molly - Springerdoodle - Born 7th January 2012

Max’s mum and gran-mum are both chocolate coloured Labradoodles. His dad is a Standard Poodle. This makes Max a F3b type Labradoodle - third generation.
F stands for Filial - (relating to or due from a son or daughter) 3 stands for generation, and b stands for back-crossing with one of the parent’s breed, in this case (and typically), the Standard Poodle. His coat is a wool coat which means he has tight thick curls; whilst Molly my Springerdoodle - English Springer Spaniel and Miniature Poodle hybrid - has a wavy fleece coat; which means her coat is wavy and is tightly curled only when wet. Molly’s coat is soft and silky, whilst Max’s coat is denser and coarser which makes it harder to clip and takes forever to dry - lol. Whilst Molly’s coat can air dry in the sun in half an hour on a walk, Max takes all day and night to fully air dry and therefore requires the help of a hairdryer. Finally, Max has an undercoat and Molly doesn’t.

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Sacha & Peter

The photographs on this page were taken using my Nikon Coolpix S7000.
It’s ideal for popping into my pocket on my daily explorations with Molly and Maximilian.

Coolpix S7000

14th October 2016 - Wet Morning Walk With Molly & Max Wearing Their Brand New Harnesses
Molly's new Union Flad harness

Max's new harness, he outgrew his previous one

Max & Molly - my secret wood

Max - head turning as I had just dropped one, lol...

Changing colours

Blackberry leaves turning a lovely coppery red

16th October 2016 Dawn & Sunrise At Mouth Of River Tyne - Then On To King Edward’s Bay Tynemouth - A Beautiful Morning’s Walk
Dawn Tynemouth Piers

Dawn Tynemouth Piers


South pier sunrise

Tynemouth Haven sunrise

North Pier


North Pier

North & South Piers

King Edward's Bay

Me and my boy

King Edward's Bay

King Edward's Bay

King Edward's Bay

ships and rocks

Molly, Ball & Max

Molly jumpimg for joy

Rugby scrum Max & Molly lol

Molly in water

Max having fun


17th October 2016 - Moonset 07.18 am & Sunrise 07.41 am - Beautiful Full Moon
Full Moon

Stunning sunrise moonset

St Peter's bridge


18th October 2016 - Lovely Walk In The Dene - Lots Of Nice Friendly People To Chat With -
Molly & Max’s Illuminated Safety Collars
Max's safety collar

Molly's safety collar

Waning Gibbous Moon 97% Illumination

leaves blown on to fence

19th October 2016 - Waning Gibbous Moon 85% Illumination - Lovely Autumn Walk
Waning Gibbous Moon 85% Illumination

Nice one Maxi

my lovely boy!

Molly & Max zoom

Sunrise lovely glow

Sunise through fence


Sunrise through trees

20th October 2016 - Warm Morning Walk With Molly & Max, A Beautiful Sunrise Again
Beautiful sunrise

Beautiful sunrise

Grafitti & Molly & Ball

Maxi & cool grafitti

Beautiful sunrise

Max & Molly changing colours of autumn

Nearly home

Mine and Peter's wood

22nd October 2016
Sunrising over Wallsend dene

Lovely Molly & Ball

Gorgeous Max

Dawn over ruin

23rd October - Last Quarter Moon 43% Illumination - Lovely Walk With Molly & Max & Lots Of Sea Foam Along Tynemouth Longsands - The Only Person Missing Is My Late Husband, Peter
Last Quarter 43% Illumination

North & south piers Tynemouth

Sun about to rise

Sun about to rise

Lots of lovely sea foam

Lovely reflection

Huge sea foam

Sun about to rise above the horizon

Lovely Molly silhouette

Maxi having fun


Ship leaving Tyne

Sunrise & sea foam

Sunrise Tynemouth Longsands

Beaconsfield, St George's Church & Max

St George's Church

Molly Dolly Dimple

Peter & I lived about 100 yards to the left of where I took the photograph below. The field is called Beaconsfield and we were instrumental in stopping houses being built on it. After an arduous battle with North Tyneside Metropolitan Council, the field was eventually awarded ‘village green’ status, which means it can not be built on in the future. It overlooks beautiful Longsands beach - Tynemouth, and the Church is St George’s.

St George's Church

25th October 2016 - A Lovely Frosty Autumn Walk With Molly & Max With A Nice Sunrise
Lovely copper leaves, lovely Molly & her lovely Ball



Crescent Moon 25th October

26th October - A Leafy Walk With Max & Molly
Max & Molly

27th October 2016 - A Beautiful Dawn & Sunrise, A Warm Autumn Morning, & A Lovely Walk With Molly & Max
Beautiful violet hues of dawn

Beautiful violet hues of dawn

Beautiful violet hues of dawn

Max my boy

Dawn Wallsend dene & Holy Cross chapel

Dawn Wallsend dene & Holy Cross chapel

Beautiful sunrise over Wallsend dene

Beautiful sunrise over Wallsend dene

29th October 2016
Today Would Have Been Peter & Mine’s 33rd Wedding Anniversary. I love & Miss You Peter, So Much.
You Were Right - She Is; You Would Be Proud Of Her. You Would Adore Max!
Loving You

Lovely Sunrise Glow - Tynemouth Longsands & St George’s Church


30th October 2016 - Tynemouth Longsands.
Tynemouth Longsands Is Special To Peter & Myself - It’s ‘Our Beach’ - A Beach We Walked Together Every Day For Over Twenty Years. It Has Special Memories Of Peter, And Our (Then) Dogs, Bobby, Amy & Sacha

Max Playing with a friendly dog


Max shaking

Molly & Max happy

Happy Max & Molly

Lovely Max

Tynemouth Longsands

Maxi shaking

St George's Church





St George's Church

Tynemouth with Grand Hotel

Former World War One Lookout Tower
World War One Lookout Tower, Now A House

View from rear bedroom of Peter & mine's former home

2nd November - Lovely Frosty Morning
Molly, Myself & Max

Max playing in frost


5th November 2016 - Guy Fawkes Day
lovely Molly

Molly about to catch ball

Max & Molly

Autumn colours - Molly, Max & Ball

Sunday 6th November - Molly & Max Tynemouth Haven - Very Wet & Cold But Fun!
Molly & Max

Tynemouth Pier

DFDS Ferry @ River Tyne - January 2017
(North Shields to Holland).


Fantastic Sunrise Tynemouth Longsands January 2017 - Molly, Max & myself had a fantastic time, we arrived just in time to see the sunrise. I take by best photographs when I am alone with just Molly & Max.
 I love/crave solitude.


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Molly & Max

Max, Molly & Myself

Tiny Max & Molly

Early morning mist


Moon caught in the trees

Whitley Bay - St Mary’s Lighthouse & Island - Christmas Day 2016


New Year’s Day 2017 - Molly, Max Tynemouth Haven

The Most Adorable Labradoodle In The World (Probably)

The Most Adorable Springerdoodle In The World (Probably)

Max’s memory foam orthopaedic bed to keep the dust mites at bay - he suffers from a pretty horrific dust mite allergy and he will, if not watched 27/7 lick and bite himself until he’s red raw and bleeding, which is very stressful for him and for me too. He sleeps with a large buster collar on his head, and fortunately he’s fine and relaxed with it. It upsets me that he has to wear it, far more than it does him. He also wears socks at night in order that he doesn’t scratch himself to bits. He looks very cute in them.

Max & Moll'ys hair

My shiny new Canon bridge camera with a massive X 42 optical and X 60 digital zoom - I am going to have a fun year testing this beauty out - I cannot wait. I have two great cameras, a Nikon DSLR camera and my new super zoom mini bridge camera.

Max & Molly

Molly & Max’s Photo Diary Page 12 - Latest Photos - Click Here

Sacha & Peter  - Tynemouth

This Molly & Max Diary is dedicated to my wonderful husband Peter Scarth. Your gift to me was making me strong. Mine to you is to live my life with Molly & Max, and to live it well. To be happy, independent and strong.  Thanks to you - I am all three. Thanks for being my best friend for 33 years, for supporting me and providing a safe environment where I could thrive, and most of all, thank you for your unwavering and unconditional love. As a women with Aspergers, that’s what made it all work. There will never be another man in my life, there was only ever you, my soulmate, best friend and protector. Because of the aforementioned, you are the only person I have been able to trust. You were an amazon person and a perfect husband.
Oh yes, and F.T.M.

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Molly & Max’s Photo Diary Page 12 - Click Here

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
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Peter - 9th March 1950 to 9th February 2014

Sacha & Peter - Rothbury

Chiquitita, you and I know. How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they’re leaving.
You’ll be dancing once again and the pain will end, there will be no time for grieving.
Chiquitita, you and I cry. But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you.
Let me hear you sing once more like you did before, sing a new song Chiquitita.
Try once more like you did before, sing a new song Chiquitita.

Molly, Peter & Sacha Summer 2013

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