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Maximilian & Molly Photo Diary

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Max & Molly’s Photo Diary

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Max aged 8 Weeks

Molly 8 Weeks Old With Her English
Springer Spaniel Mum, Holly.

Holly left - Molly right.

Max - Labradoodle - Born 21st July 2014
Molly - Springerdoodle - Born 7th January 2012

Max’s mum and gran-mum are both chocolate coloured Labradoodles. His dad is a Standard Poodle. This makes Max a F3b type Labradoodle - third generation.
F stands for Filial - (relating to or due from a son or daughter) 3 stands for generation, and b stands for back-crossing with one of the parent’s breed, in this case (and typically), the Standard Poodle. His coat is a wool coat which means he has tight thick curls; whilst Molly my Springerdoodle - English Springer Spaniel and Miniature Poodle hybrid - has a wavy fleece coat; which means her coat is wavy and is tightly curled only when wet. Molly’s coat is soft and silky, whilst Max’s coat is denser and coarser which makes it harder to clip and takes forever to dry - lol. Whilst Molly’s coat can air dry in the sun in half an hour on a walk, Max takes all day and night to fully air dry and therefore requires the help of a hairdryer. Finally, Max has an undercoat and Molly doesn’t.

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
Sacha & Peter

The photographs on this page were taken using my Nikon Coolpix S7000.
It’s ideal for popping into my pocket on my daily explorations with Molly and Maximilian.

Coolpix S7000

Sunday 1st November 2015 - Seaton Sluice beach - a glorious morning, very warm.
Surfers Seaton Sluice beach



Max’s Shadow On The Left, Mine And
Molly’s Tail-shadow On The Right.

Max, myself and Molly's shadows


Nice Surfer


Molly, Max & Ball

Beautiful beach

Sea foam


Molly & Ball


Mine and Molly's shadows

Textured sand

Ball, Molly & Max

Molly and Ball

Sitting in sand dunes

Lovely textured sand



Mine & Max's shadows


3rd November 2015 - A Foggy Morning Walk
Muddy puddles



Very foggy

Same View Fogless

Lovely Molly

Cruel hill

Coppery leaves

Curved tree, Peter's hill

Max's new comfy cone

Max's Comfy Cone

4th November 2015 - Molly’s New Tennis Balls



Molly and her tennis balls

Metal Flower - A gift to myself

Molly's balls

Molly's Tennis Balls

Lazy Max

Guy Fawkes Night 5th November 2015
My Outdoor Ivy Tree Lights
Outdoor Tree Lights

6th November 2015 - Early Morning Walk

Up close lights

Evening lights

Max  Molly

Molly & Max


Max & Molly

Tunnel of leaves



Blanket of leaves

Peter's Special Place

7th November 2015 Flash Orbs In Peter’s Wood
Peter's Wood Orbs

Molly & Max In A Quiet Part Of The Dene/Burn
Molly & Max in a quiet part of the burn

Sunday 8th November - Gorgeous Morning
Seaton Sluice

Max Doing A ‘Runner’ - Top-left - Below
Max Doing A Runner

Max Playing With His Friends - Molly Watching
Max Chasing His Friends



Max, Molly & Ball

Rocky Island

Molly and Max with a naughty look



Molly & Her Lost Ball - She Retrieved it.

Ha, Big Ears Max

Rain Water At Seaton Sluice Beach
Rain Water  Seaton Sluice Beach

10th November 2015
Sunrise Through Rugby Posts
Sunrise through rugby posts


Forced Perspective - Two Wide Valley’s & The River Tyne Between Foreground, Middle & Background - Taken With X20 Zoom
Forced  perspective

Lovely sunrise

Max's face - lol

Molly & Ball

In t' wood Max & Molly

Sunrise on trees



The Dene

The Dene

Priory ruin

Beautiful, Nearly Home

St Peter's Bridge & Burn/River

11th November 2015
Local Cemetery

Fence dividing dene & cemetery

Sunrise dene

12th November 2015 - Golden Sunrise
Golden Sunrise

Robin down the dene on our walk

16th November 2015 - Nearly Home

17th November 2015 Lovely Morning Walk
Alec and Lola

Max & Lola


Red Sunlit Cloud Reflected In A Puddle
Red Cloud In Puddle

Tagger's Copyright Sign


Sunrise - The Rose Inn



19th November 2015 - Priory Ruins On Zoom
 Other Side Of The Valley

Priory ruin from over the valley

Priory ruin from over the valley

Priory ruin from over the valley

Homeward bound

20th November 2015 - Happy Birthday Bobby
Rose Tavern

Sunrise Through Priory

Stained Glass Window Reflection

Molly, My Guardian Angel 
You Make Me So Happy.

21st November - First Snow Flurries Of Autumn
Max Is 16 Months Old Today

Max & Molly

Iced Leaf


Ha, Max's ears

22nd November 2015 - My Car, 900 Year Old Tynemouth Priory & Max’s Head

Max and Billie my car

Max Seaton Sluice Beach

Molly & Max Galloping

Seaton Sluice

Seaton Sluice Harbour

Kings Legs


Harbour fishing boat

Seaton Sluic beach from salt hills

Harbour fishing boat

Life buoys

Frozen vegetables


23rd November 2015 - Colours Of Autumn
Max & Molly

Icy berries



Green lichen spores

Icy leaf


Green lichen

Up close green lichen

Green lichen spores

24th November 2015 - Garden Holly Tree
Holly Tree In Garden

Holly tree

Holly berries

Fallen Tree Over The Burn/River

Falllen tree

Afternoon Walk - 24th November
Gorse bush

Myself & Max - my boy


Max, Molly & Myself

Nearly home

Myself and my boy

Max & my box plants lol

My car, & Max front door

25th November Spectacular Predawn
And Sunrise - Gorgeous Vibrant Colours
Spectacular Pre Dawn


Spectacular Pre Dawn

Spectacular Pre Dawn


Sunrise Reflected On Windows With Adfines Sea Cargo Ship Docked In The River Tyne
Sunrise Reflected On Windows

Molly & Max Back Home For Their Breakfasts
Having Just Had Their Muddy Feet Washed

Back Home

28th November 92% Moon Illumination Waning Gibbous - A Lovely Frosty Morning
92% Moon Illumination


Moonlit Max

Moon in trees


29th November 2015

Maxim running towards me

Max with seaweed


Flying Over Seaton Sluice Beach X22 Zoom
British Airways Boeing 747

Flying over Seaton Sluice Beach

Coal dust on beach

Molly on the beach

3rd December - Early Morning Walk Down Dene
Molly & Max

Grey Heron

Molly And Max Modelling One Of My Hats
Molly & my hat

Maxy looking for grub

4th December 2015
Waning Crescent Moon 39% Illumination

Waning Crescent Moon 39% Illumination

From Left To Right
Venus, Mars, The Moon & Jupiter 7.30 am
Planets & Moon in sky

Flooded path

Predawn sky aeroplane contrails

Predawn sky aeroplane contrail

Predawn sky with moon

Dirty boy

Dirty Girl

Max and his pudde


Tyneside Metro Train Travelling Over Viaduct
Metro going over viaduct

6th December 2015
Seaton Sluice

No peeing in the water

Container ship Blyth harbour

Max & friend


Molly stained glassed

8th December 2015 - A Lovely Sunny Afternoon Walk

Molly and Max playing

Me, Myself And I


Max's Tail


Molly my darling little girl

Max & Molly

9th December 2015
Beautiful predawn

Predawn sky

Predawn lit windows


11th December 2015
Molly & Max’s Illuminated Collars

Max's Illiminated Collar

Molly's Illiminated Collar


Max's Illiminated Collar


12th December 2015 - Predawn
Beautful Predawn

13th December 2015 - 7.30 am - Predawn
Clouds reflected in sea

Blue Dawn

Seaton Sluice



Max & Molly

Seaton Sluice

14th December 2015 - Predawn Lighting
Eery dene

Predawn lit track

Predawn lit puddle

Predawn Sky - 17h December 2015
Predawn Sky

Predawn Sky

Max & Molly Tug Of War - 17th December 2015
Molly won, she always does.
Tug of war

Predawn Sky

18th December 2015

Storm-bent rugby posts

20th December 2015Ear Fungus

Longsands beach

North & South piers lights

St George's Church

Predawn Tyne estuary

Molly & Max estuary of River Tyne

River Tyne Estuary  South East

River Tyne Estuary - South East

River Tyne Estuary  South West

South Shield's groyne

Sir James Knotts Flats Tynemouth

21st December 2015 1st Day of Winter - Sunrise

sunrise reflected on my front door


23rd December - Molly Stealing Max’s Hide Chews lol
Molly nicking Max's chew

Molly nicking Max's chew

Waxing Gibbous 95% Ullimination 23rd December

24th December - Max & Molly’s Haircut Hearts

Max & Molly's haircut hearts

Max & Molly Christmas Eve




Christmas Day 2015 - Merry Christmas!
It Was A Perfect Morning Walk With Molly & Max Along Our Beautiful Coastline.
St Mary's Lighthouse Christmas Morning 2015

Beautiful dawn



Sunrise - Whitley Bay Christmas Day 2015
5 Minutes Later Than Photograph Above.

Whitley Bay

Sun Lit Water

Whitley Bay

St Geroge's Chruch Spire

Max's Christmas gifts


Ob beach 7.20am


Coppery sunrise

Ball, Molly & Max


Piers over Tynemouth Longsands

Max, Ball & Molly

Tynemouth Longsands - Gorgeous unrise

Ball, Max & Molly

Sunrise Whitley Bay

No ball Max and Molly

Mouth of Tyne

Tyne Estuary


Full Moon 100% Ullimination 25th December

Flooded Path - 6th January 2016
Flooded path

Molly & Max


Cosy kitchen

7th January 2016 - Happy 4th Birthday Molly!

Happy Fourth Birthday Molly


Happy Fourth Birthday Molly

Bark Fungis

10th January 2016 - Sunset From My Front
& Rear Windows Taken Seconds Apart
Front Window Sunset

Rear Window Sunset

10th January 2016 - Frosty Morning Walk
Molly Icy Morning

Dirty Boy!
Max after his mud bath

High Burn & Molly

Max & Rudolph

14th January 2016
Snow Blizzard During Our Morning Walk
Max playing in snow

Molly in snow


Happy  Happy  Happy!

21st January 2016 - Max 18 Months Old Today
Max's nose (brambles)

22nd January 2016 - Bathing Blue Tit
Blue tit bathing

Max in bedroom

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The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
Sacha & Peter - Rothbury

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Molly, Peter & Sacha Summer 2013

Chiquitita, you and I know. How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they’re leaving.
You’ll be dancing once again and the pain will end, there will be no time for grieving.
Chiquitita, you and I cry. But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you.
Let me hear you sing once more like you did before, sing a new song Chiquitita.
Try once more like you did before, sing a new song Chiquitita.

Max, Molly & Myself

I miss you so much Peter - you’re the only man I have loved and could ever love.







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