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Hi, my website exhibits my photography galleries, artwork and furry family galleries - my photo galleries depict my local coastal region, which is situated along England’s wild & windy north east coast. In addition I share my home with my two adorable Doodles, Molly & Max.
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 My Artwork & Photography Galleries
 I teach Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (also GIMP & Photoshop Elements) to students and my artwork, photographs and animal galleries have all been created utilising Adobe Photoshop CS6. I work from home and therefore have lots of time to manage my 5 websites and to have endless fun with Molly and Max who take up most of my time and energy. Both are gladly given as in addition to them being a joy to be with, they keep me endlessly entertained, well socialised and as fit as a fiddle.

My 400+ Published Amazon Kindle Books
British Public House (Pub) Signs - Animated Ribbons.
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Elements Tutorials - GIMP GNU Tutorials


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