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by Wendi Elizabeth Martha Scarth


Photoshop Elements 


Free Photoshop Elements Tutorials Click Here!
300+ Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorials & 200 Photoshop CS to CS6 PDfs With Essential Extras & Plugins - Click Here!

My Elements tutorials are compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor.

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Free Photoshop Elements Tutorials
Utilise Photoshop Elements Editor 15’s New Text Cut-out (Fun Edits) Script
Understand Layers
   Understand Blending Modes
   Understand The Workspace
   Install Plugins
   Unzip Files
   Optimise And Save Images
   Understand Colour Models
   Understand Resolution
   Resize Images
   Sharpen Images
   Torn Paper From Scratch
   Paint Photographic Edges Using A Scatter Brush
   Colour-pop Images Using The Smart Brush Tool
   Paint Solarised Sabbattier Effects Using The Smart Brush Tool
   Animated Pulsating Heart
   Animated Snow Globe
   Create A Fill Layer Using Either A Solid Colour, Pattern Or Gradient
   Glossy Graduated Navigation Buttons
   Freeze Objects: Blend Modes
   Text Reflections
   Painterly Aurora Borealis Skies
   Triptych Picture Framing
   Liquid Light Avatars
   Cookie Cutter Vignettes
   Utilise The Background Eraser Tool
   Chrome Text
   Fake High Definition
   Layer Mask Blending
   Add Drama By Inverting An Image’s Colours
   Utilise The Add Content Panel  
   Remove Red Eye
   Remove Blue, Green Yellow Eye
   Textures From Scratch
   Blend Text With Wood  
   Revitalise Digital Images

PDF Tutorials
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Create And Save Textures And Patterns
Create Collages Tutorials
Create, Apply And Save Custom Shapes Tutorials
Create, Apply And Save Brushes Tutorials
Optimise, Improve Or Restore Photographs Tutorials
Layers And Blend Modes Tutorials
Text Effects Tutorials
Web Graphics And Signatures Tutorials
Animation Effects Tutorials
Photographic Effects Tutorials
Miscellaneous Effects, Filters And Commands Tutorials
Optimise And Save Images Tutorials
Special Effects Tutorials
Create And Apply Photographic Frames And Edges Tutorials
Extract Backgrounds Tutorials

314+ Photoshop Elements PDF Tutorials List 314+ Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorials 15 GBP
Apply And Fade Text Reflections
Glossy (Plastic) Navigation Buttons
Create & Save An Animated Pulsating Graphic (Heart)
Create Either A Solid Colour, Pattern Or Fill Layer
Unzip Zipped Windows Files
Understanding Colour Models
Straighten Buildings And Horizons
Optimise And Save Images
Download & Install Plugins
Paint Objects With Rainbow Colours -10th
Apply Greyscale Edges To Photographs
The Rule Of Thirds Concept
Understanding Image And Screen Resolution
Understanding Layer Blending Modes
Understanding Layers
Create A Photographic Vignette Collage
Replace Dull Skies Using The Magic Eraser Tool
Repair Red Flash Eye
Repair Green/Yellow/Blue Flash Eye (Animals)
Paint Photographic Borders Using A Scatter Brush - 20th
Convert A Photograph Into A Heart Shape Using A Custom Shape
Understand/Organise Elements’ Workspace
Utilise The Cookie Cutter Tool To Create Shaped Photographic Cut-outs Or Collages
Extract Backgrounds Utilising The Quick Selection Tool
Utilise The Content Palette To Apply Frames, Themes, Text, Shapes, Graphics & Text To Photographs
Freeze Objects Using Layer Blending Modes
Create Vignettes (Border Fades) Using The Content Palette
Apply Photographic Edge-masks (Artistic Border Fades) Using The Content Palette
Apply Snapshot (Instamatic) Borders To Photographs Using The Content Palette
Age Photographs Using A Content Palette Filter - 30th
Apply Instant Picture Frames Using The Content Palette
Create Neon Type Effects
Apply Transparent Picture Frames
Resize Photographs - The Crop Or Recompose Tools - Or The Resize Or Transform Commands
Sharpen Images And Photographs
Enlarge Transparent Canvases Using The Crop Tool
Remove Backgrounds (A Sky) Using The Background Eraser Tool
Blend Two Photographs Using The Eraser Tool
Extract A Dull Sky Using The Quick Selection/Selection Brush Tools: Then Replace It With A Gradient
Vintage Paper Photographic Conversion: Plus, Add Colour - Hue And Saturation Command - 40th
Apply A Drop Shadow Picture Frame And Apply Drop Shadows To Photographs
Add Texture To Photographs
Soft Focus Photographic Conversions (Portraits)
Black And White Infra Red Conversions
Monotone Colour-tint Conversions
Graduated Black And White Photographic Fades
Recessed Photographic Frame Conversions
Create Shiny Chrome Text
Dramatic Blending Using Blending Modes
Add Drama By Inverting A Photograph’s Colours - 50th
Create Shiny Glassy Type
Create Fluffy Animal Clouds From Custom Shapes
Create/Apply Realistic Water Ripples
Create Reflections From Photographs
Three-panelled Photographic Cube
Convert A Road Into A River
Convert Photographs Into Pencil Sketches
Colour Pop Images (Part Colour Part Monochrome) Using The Smart Brush Tool
Create Glassy Transparent Gel Text From Styles
Enlarge Muscles Using The Liquify Command - 60th
Create Movement Blurs
Liquid Light Patterns And Avatars
Create Shiny Metallic Textures
Lighten Dark Photographs And Shadowed Areas Using The Shadows And Highlights Command
Shiny Metallic Photo Conversions (& Shiny Sabbattier Skin Tones) Using The Detail Smart Brush Tool
Animal Print Patterns And Vortex Tunnels
Impressionist-painting Conversion (Visible Brush Strokes)
Create And Save Custom Brushes: Personalised Signature Brush
Create A Personalised Wax Seal/Stamp
Create Photographic Border Fades Using The Levels Command - 70th
Posterised Conversions (Quick Pop-art Effects)
Apply A Warming Or A Cooling Photographic Filter
Apply A Multicoloured Gradient Map Filter
Quick Vivid Pop-art Conversions Using The Hue/Saturation Command
Billboard Picture Framing
High Contrast Black And White Photographic Conversions
Apply 35 mm Picture Frames To Photographs
Copperplate Photographic Conversions
Apply Customisable Quadrant Colours To Photographs
Apply Colourful Fluorescent Lighting To Photographs - 80th
Create A Three-panelled Triptych Frame
Remove Objects (Lampposts) Using The Clone Stamp Tool
Fill Custom Shapes With Glassy Gel
Creative Cropping: Use The Crop Tool To Remove Unwanted Photographic Elements
Create Woody Fibrous Background Patterns
Create And Permanently Save Seamless Patterns To Elements’ Patterns Folder
Create Studio Backgrounds (For Portraits)
Create Stained Glass Patterns
Vivid Soft Focus Photographic Portraits
Create An Organic Leafy Signature Logo - 90th
Face And Flag Blend - Using A Displacement Map
Apply Tattoo Effects To Skin
Create An Entwined Name, Signature Or Logo
Create Soft Dreamy Sky Avatars
Create And Save Matrix Background Patterns
Create And Save Embossed Dot Patterns
Privacy Blurring: Pixelate Or Blur Photographic Elements; For Example, Faces Or Number Plates
Convert Photographs Into Patchwork Quilts
Gritty Embossed Photographic Conversions
Create Moons And Halos - 100th
Apply A 20-bar Georgian-bar Picture Frame To Photographs
Pop-art Quartet Weekend MasterClass: Set Of 4 PDFs: PDF 1 Prepare Your Photograph
Pop-art Quartet Weekend MasterClass: Set Of 4 PDFs: PDF 2 Apply Vivid Pop-art Colours
Pop-art Quartet Weekend MasterClass: Set Of 4 PDFs: PDF 3 Change The Pop-art Colours
Pop-art Quartet Weekend MasterClass: Set Of 4 PDFs: PDF 4 Create A Quarter Grid
Create A Surreal Out Of Bounds Collage Using Pre-extracted Objects
Create A Surreal Out Of Bounds Conversion From Scratch Weekend MasterClass
Shiny Metallic 3D Text
Change Eye Colours (Irises)
Apply Realistic Clouds To Cloudless Photographs - 110th
Fake HDR Using A Single Photograph
Place Photographs Inside Text
Blend Text With Old Wood Using A Displacement Map
Create Magical Entwined Light Swirls
Create Dramatic Sea Skylines
Create And Save Tartan Patterns/Backgrounds
Create A Starry Night Sky
Emulate Depth Of Field
Quickly Revitalise Digital Camera Images
Paint Aurora Borealis Skies - 120th
Perspectively Warp Photographs: Hummingbird
Soften Waves And Sea Spray
Create A Raspberry Sunrise Conversion With Hand-drawn Sun Rays
High Contrast Black And White Conversions Using The Burn And Dodge Tools
Extract Backgrounds With The Magnetic Lasso Tool
Utilise The Pattern Stamp Tool To Paint Eye-catching Avatars
Create Liquid Metal Patterns For Avatars Or Backgrounds
Produce Torn Paper Effects From Scratch: Three Different Approaches
Create & Save Silk Background Patterns
Create Realistic Textures From Scratch - 130th
Create And Edit Screen Captures Using Photoshop Elements
Write Your Name Into A Sandy Beach
Cat Lady Blend: Blend A Cat’s Face With A Human’s Face
Create Personalised Star/Sunbursts
Painterly Photo Conversions Using Layers & Level Adjustments
Glossy Rose Conversion Using Layers
Create Shiny Metallic Water Backgrounds 
Textured Gold Backgrounds
Create Vortex Tunnel Patterns                          
Create Marbled Patterns - 140th
Create And Save Grid Patterns
Contrasting Photographic Borders
Change The Colour Of Clothing Using The Colour Replacement Tool
Cleanly Extract An Object From Its Background With The Magic Wand Tool
Remove Colour From Specific Photographic Areas Using The Brush Tool (Colour-popping)
Replace Dull Or Washed Out Skies With A Gradient
Place A Flag Inside Type (UK Or Other)
Place A Butterfly Inside A Soap Bubble
Resize Two Photographs Equally Using The Free Transform Command
Create Speed/Impact Burst: Motorcycle - 150th
Create And Save A Sparkle (Catch Light) Brush
Create Custom Brushes From Photo Objects
Create Custom Brushes From Photographs
Remove Laughter Lines And Skin Blemishes Using The Healing And Spot Healing Brush Tools
Repair Faded With Time And Damaged Photographs: Levels And Colour Variations
Repair Old/Damaged/Torn Photographs 
Correct A Photograph’s Colour Balance
Add Or Remove Noise/Grain From Photographs
Lighten Overexposed (Too Light) Photographs
Darken Underexposed (Too Dark) Photographs - 160th
Remove Shadows From Photographs Using The Dodge Tool
Remove Glare From Spectacles
Hand Paint (Colourise) Monochromatic Photographs
Apply Eye Glints (Catch Lights) To Photographs
Shiny Iced Biscuit Text
Creatively Slice A Pineapple Using The Rectangular Marquee Tool
Create Colourful Text With Matching (Faded) Backgrounds
Quick Watercolour Conversions
Create Eye-catching Forum Graphics Using The Gradient Tool
Fill Text With Colourful Rainbow Colours - 170th
Create Swirl Designs Using The Brush Tool And The Twirl Filter
Vintage Paper From Scratch
Create Vintage Postcards From Scratch
Create A Cork Notice Board
Apply A Page Curl
Extrude Filter Conversions
Painterly Rough Pastel Conversions
Pretty Paint Daubs Photographic Effects
Apply Elements’ Plastic Wrap Filter
Neon Glow Photographic Conversions - 180th
Dry Brush Photographic Conversions
Utilise Elements’ Sponge Filter
Smudge Stick Photographic Conversions
Painterly Cutout Effects
Painterly Fresco Conversions
Utilise Elements’ Watercolour Filter
Painterly Palette Knife Conversions
Utilise Elements’ Film Grain Filter
Painterly Underpainting Conversions
Painterly Coloured Pencil Conversions - 190th
Apply Halftone Patterns To Photographs
Apply The Bass Relief Filter To Create Embossed Images
Convert Images Into The Stamps
Utilise The Plaster Filter
Photocopy Photographic Conversions
Note Paper Photographic Conversions
Graphic Pen Conversions
Conte Crayon Effects
Apply The Chrome Filter
Pretty Water Paper Conversions 200th
Charcoal Conversions
Chalk & Charcoal Photographic Conversions
Apply The Reticulation Filter
Apply The Torn Edges Filter
Distort Images Using The Zigzag Filter
Crosshatch Conversions (1000th PDF Tutorial: Paint Shop Pro 436, Photoshop CS5 to CS5 358, Elements 206).
Painterly Ink Outline Conversions
Animated Glitter Signature
Project Your Name Onto A Curtain
Create Blood Splattered Tentacles - 210th
Instant Photographic Borders Using The Canvas Size Command
Convert Photographs Into Postage Stamps
Apply The Emboss Filter
Apply The Glowing Edges Filter
Create A Cartoon Eye From Scratch
Create A Roy Lichtenstein Pop-art Conversion
Outline (Stroke) Text With Colour
Create An Outlined Web Banner Or Button
Create Hollow Text
Apply The Carving Filter - 220th
Apply Snow To Images Using The Blizzard Filter
Apply Rainbows To Photographs
Apply Lightning Bolts To Photographs
High Speed Film Grain Photographic Conversions
Create And Apply TV Scan Lines (Patterns)
Place Photographs Inside A Tray Of Jam Tarts: Photographic Collage
Create, Save And Apply A Personalised Copyright Brush
Protect Images By Applying Watermark Text
Painterly Angled Brush Stroke Effects
Accented Edges Filter - 230th
Apply Elements’ Spatter Filter
Personalised Circular And Rectangular Shaped (Graduated Colours) Navigation Buttons From Scratch
Colourise Black And White Bit Map Images
Create Light Halos
Animated Numbers Countdown Graphic
Create A Vinyl Record From Scratch
Create A Blank Three-panelled Photographic Cube
What’s New In Photoshop Elements Editor 9/10
Blend Two Images With Precision Using Layer Masks PSE9/10
Photomerge Style Match Colour-popping PSE9/10 Only - 240th
Lomo Camera Effect Conversion Using The Automated Guided Edits Function PSE9/10
Create A Line Drawing Using The Automated Guided Edits Function
Create Photographic Vignettes From The Correct Camera Distortion Command
Apply One Of Elements’ Automated Actions (Sepia Toning)
Window Blind Shadows Using The Halftone Pattern Filter
Create Halftone Dots Signatures
Special Effects Using The Difference Clouds Filter
Create Drama By Applying The Wind Filter To Photographs
Mosaic Tiles Texture Conversions
Craquelure Texture Effects - 250th
Enliven Dull Flat Images By Applying The Lens And Lighting Filters
Painterly Watercolour Conversions (Whitby Abbey)
Apply A Mat Frame Using The Canvas Size Command
Create Explosions (Patterns)
Animated Fire Text
Animated Snow Globe
Animated Firework Burst
Animated Diamond Encrusted Signature (Text)
Animated Starry Night Signature (Text)
Animated Cigar Smoke Graphic 260th Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorial
Animated Rain Signature
Optimise Metal Surfaces To Produce Maximum Shine
Create Bright Gradient Landscapes
Lith Print Photographic Conversions
Defuse Black And White Photographs
Colour Popping Variation (Part Colour Part Monochrome Photographic Conversions)
Create Stained Glass Windows Overlays
Convert Photographs Into Silhouettes
Create Colourful Cut-out Text Using Layers
Daytime To Nightime Photo Conversion 270th Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorial
Perspectively Warp Text Along An Object Or A Signpost
Photographic Shadows From Custom Shapes
Place Personal Images Inside A Mobile Phone
Apply A Metallic Chain-link Frame Over A Photograph
Soft Vivid Photographic Landscape Conversions
Create Personalised Barcodes
Sunshine To Snow Photographic Conversion
Create A Vignette Border Fade Using Gradients
Create A Texture From A Photograph And Then Save It To Elements’ Texturiser Filter
Create A Double Reflected Picture Frame 280th Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorial
Create Reflections Using The Liquify Command
Create Metallic Chicken Wire
Create A Multiple Flower Collage
Triptych Printing (Print A Three-panelled Photograph)
Apply Atmospheric Spotlights To Images
Fake Speed (Jaguar Car)
Letterbox Photographic Conversions
Mystical Lighting Photographic Conversions
Digital Lightbox Photographic Conversions
Place A Photograph Inside A Champagne Glass 290th Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorial
Create Background Movement And Speed
Create A Sun Camera Photographic Collage
Convert A Photograph Into A Kaleidoscope
Travel Wood Pole Image Perspective
Shafts Of Light And Early Morning Mist
Apply Elements’ Puzzle Picture Frame Filter
Red Gradient Fade Conversions
Offset Photographic Conversions
Comic Book Photographic Conversion
Apply A Gold Ornate Picture Frame 300th Photoshop Elements Editor PDF Tutorial
Painterly High Pass Photographic Conversion
Utilise The Magic Extractor Command To Remove Backgrounds
Create A Dotted Line Pattern
Caricature Photographic Conversions
Vivid Autumn Still-life Photographic Conversion
Bloody Dripping Text
Create A Brick Wall Pattern
Create Alien Fluid Graphic Images From Scratch
Ghostly (Transparent Person) Photographic Conversion -
Rich Chocolate Text Sprinkled With Gold Dust
Multiple Exposure Photographic Collage
Dramatically Improve Lighting And Contrast
Atmospheric Night-time Light Trails Collage
Digitally Diffuse Monochromatic Photographs - 314th Elements PDF Tutorial

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