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by Wendi E. M. Scarth.

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Rainbow Background
Pattern GIMP


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Rainbow Background Pattern
Beginners Plus

Rainbow Background Pattern GIMP

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This GIMP (GNU) tutorial demonstrates how to create a Rainbow Background Pattern. 

You can quickly Undo a step at any time by pressing Ctrl then Z. Alternatively, click a previous Undo History snapshot - Windows then Dockable Dialogues then click Undo History. In addition, to Zoom in (or Zoom out) of your image; from the top menu choose View then select a Zoom Tool from
the subsequent drop-down list.

Launch GIMP & Organise Its Workspace & Palettes

Create a New Image, and set the following settings, then click OK. (Ctrl then N).

Now, from the left-side Toolbox, activate the Blend Tool.

And set the following attributes into the Tool Options box. I have selected a
Gradient named Radial Rainbow Hoop. However, for personal results, it’s important to experiment with different Gradients, Shapes, Offset and Repeat settings.

Now, left-click over the black canvas’s right-side, and drag out a “Gradient Line” in the direction indicated below. Then release the mouse button.

Rainbow Background Pattern GIMP

To produce personal rainbow patterns, it’s important to be creative and to experiment with line directions. Perhaps building up the effect by applying multiple Gradient Lines - as illustrated below. Don’t be afraid to play, to discover what can be created.

Congratulations, your rainbow background pattern is complete,
and it is ready to save - top menu, then File then Save As. GIMP 2.8 - File then Export.

Wendi E. M. Scarth. 
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