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by Wendi E. M. Scarth.

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Respray Cars GIMP


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Re-spray A Car’s Bodywork
Intermediate Plus

Re-spray Objects GIMP

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This GIMP (GNU) tutorial demonstrates how to re-spray a car’s bodywork. To work along, you are welcome to download the Transparent Start Image I am working with HereUnzip the file and open the image onto GIMP’s workspace.

You can quickly Undo a step at any time by pressing Ctrl then Z. Alternatively, click a previous Undo History snapshot - Windows then Dockable Dialogues then click Undo History. In addition, to Zoom in (or Zoom out) of your image; from the top menu, choose View then select a Zoom Tool from the subsequent drop-down list.

Resize Images
Fuzzy Select Tool For Beginners
Launch GIMP & Organise Its Workspace & Palettes

Open your choice of Start Image onto GIMP’s workspace - File then Open - Ctrl then O.

Ensure the Layers and the Undo History Palettes are visible, and then drag them into position over your workspace - (Windows then Dockable Dialogues - then click Layers and Undo History).

Now, you are looking to isolate the car with a Selection Marquee. Therefore, from the left-side Toolbox, activate the Fuzzy Select Tool.

And enter the following Add to the current selection settings into the Tool Options box.

Then left-click over a transparent area - as demonstrated below.

Now, ensure all areas are isolated by a Selection Marquee by carefully
left-clicking over the remaining unselected areas - as demonstrated below.

Then from the top menu, choose Select then choose InvertCtrl then I.

Now, from the left-side Toolbox, activate the Blend Tool.

And from the Blend Tool’s Tool Options box, set a Blend of your choice - as illustrated below.

Overlay Blend Mode Important!
Change the Blend Mode from Normal to Overlay.

For personal results, it’s important to experiment with different Gradient Shapes.

Now, left-click and stretch a “Gradient Line” over the selected car - as illustrated below.

As soon as you release the mouse button, a gradient will be applied inside the selected car- as illustrated below.

To deepen the effect, repeat the gradient application. However, you may wish to lower the second Gradient’s Opacity if you feel two 100% applications results in an oversaturated blend.

To finish, from the top menu, choose Select and then choose None.

Congratulations, your Car Re-spray is complete
and it is ready to save.

Drop Shadow Tip
Tutorial Here demonstrates how to apply a Drop Shadow - Filters then Light and Shadow then Drop Shadow.

Transparent GIF Tip
Link Here to learn how to save your Transparent Image as a Transparent GIF.

Fill Layer Tip
Tutorial Here demonstrates how to create a Fill Layer and Fill it with either a Solid Colour, Pattern or a Gradient.

Now you are more familiar with this technique, you can have lots of fun re-spraying transparent objects.

Wendi E. M. Scarth. 
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