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R.I.P. Sacha - 20th June 2014
Happy Memories Sacha - Little Girl.
20th June 2015 - 1 year today - I miss you.
(25th June 1999 to 20th May 2014)

Sacha - Taken 26th May 2014
Beautiful Sacha

Sacha is our adorable Miniature Bearded Collie who has kept us highly entertained since she was eight weeks old - she was fifteen years old on 25th May 2014. She thoroughly enjoys having a mad Springerdoodle sister (Molly), and three cat brothers to round up, and boss about - just like a typical female. She is full of energy, and literally bounces everywhere, the older she becomes - the pottier and more energetic she becomes. She floats down our house-stairs at approximately one hundred miles per hour -
however, her piece de resistance is to run backwards twice as fast as she runs forward - this usually happens when we are bending over, poised and ready to pick her up. Little minx, lol.

Official Website Mascot

The following photographs are a selection of our
favourite Sacha images - she adores the camera.

Little Sacha was hospitalised 21st, 22nd December due to a severe bout of gastro-enteritis. On account of her age, she’s 14 years old, and her small stature - she’s tiny - she dehydrated very quickly. Thankfully, after being on a drip for 32 hours and receiving lifesaving medication, we collected Sacha on the evening of the 22nd. Just in time for Christmas. 

I am glad to say she’s thriving once again and is enjoying her walks and loving being thoroughly spoilt.

Sacha & Molly Sacha 26th May 2014

Sacha 26th May 2014

Sacha 26th May 2014

25th May 2014 - Sacha’s 15th Birthday

Sacha's 15th Birthday

Sacha’s Cool New Coats - New Year’s Day 2014

Sacha's New Year Coat 2014

Sacha’s Waterproof Coat

Sacha's Great Coat

Christmas 2013 - New Year 2014

Molly & Sacha Inspecting Their Christmas Presents

Molly & Sachas' Christmas Presents

Sacha Has “Tinsillitis” - Christmas Day 2013

Sacha Christmas 2013

Sacha (Where Is The Food?)


Summer 2013

Sacha & Molly Cooling Off

Molly, Red Ball & Sacha


Happy 14th Birthday Sacha - 25th May 2013

Sacha's 14th Birthday

Sacha’s 14th Birthday Photos (2) - 25th May 2013

14th Birthday Photograph

14th Birthday Photograph

May 2013 - Sacha’s Liquid Eye (s) & Nose

Sacha May 2013

Sacha - March 2013 - What A Cutie!

Sacha - looking very cute

February 2013 - Sacha Posing Nicely

Sacha Posing Nicely

Sacha’s Bath
(Bath Time In Pictures)

Washing Sacha

Sacha Being Showered

Nosey Molly

Molly Being Nosey

Rinsing Sacha

Rinsing Sacha

Towelling Sacha

Towelling Sacha

Drying Sacha

Drying Sacha

Yay, I am Finished!

Yay!  All Done!

Sacha Ensconced In Her Bed With Her Toys

Sacha In Bed March 2013 (Surrounded By Her Toys)

16th July 2012
Sacha & Her “Squeak” After A Successful Tug-of-war With Molly

Successful Tug-Of-War - Sacha With (Her) Squeak

Sacha - December 2012

Sacha Snow Jan 2013

Sacha Jan 2013

Christmas Morning 2012- Molly Eating Sacha’s Tinsel

Sacha & Molly Christams Morning 2012

Sacha & Molly Christams Morning 2012

Sacha Opening Her Present

Sacha Opening Her Present

Adorable Sacha - 8th December 2012

Sacha & Harry - June 2012

Sacha & Harry June 2012

Molly & Sacha

Molly & Sacha

Madam Tut On Her (My) Sun Lounger

Sacha On Her Sun Lounger - June 2012

Sacha With Her Hair Plaits - Summer 2012

Sacha's Hair Plaits

Sacha's 13th Birthday - 25th May 2012

(Sacha now has a “baby sister” called Molly - Puppy Watch 2012)

Sacha March 2012

Sacha up close Feb 2012

Mind Your Manners - lol At Molly’s Face

Sacha, Just Playing!

Sacha & Molly meet for the very first time

Sacha, Christmas Day 2011 - Aged 12

The following photograph was taken by myself at
Tynemouth Haven, on Sacha’s 9th birthday - 25.09.08.

Click to enlarge

I created the following Hairy Mary vector illustration, that is constructed of over 800 layers, by tracing over a photograph using Photoshop’s Pen Tool; Sacha was looking at a neighbour’s cat. However, on account of her copious amounts of hair, it took a quite a few hours to draw, and required an endless supply of patience. Upon reflection, it might have been easier if I had shaved Sacha first - I am only joking of course - lol.

Sacha Vectorised (Hairy Mary) Artwork

The following image shows Sacha road-testing our giant patio planter in the summer of 2009.

Sacha in giant planter

The photograph below was taken in December 2006, it was time for her morning brush, and I was waiting for the little Madame to stop pretending to be asleep.

Sacha pretending to be asleep

Sacha posing for the camera

Sach at eight weeks old

Sacha's first summer

Sacha with Peter

Sacha High Contrast Black and White

Sacha with Soap Bubbles

Sacha Shadowed by Window - Sepia

Sacha with Sausage with Peter

Sacha - Posing, batting her eyelashes

Sach Rolling on Rug

After a walk in the snow - posing before we removed the snow and  wrapped her in a warm towel

Sacha with a comb-over

Sacha having just shook herself


Sacha with 13 year old Bobby our (past) English Springer Spaniel

Sacha's lolling tongue

Playing with our water hose

Sacha at Seaton Sluice Northumberland

Sacha's greatest fan (in our bedroom) - how she keeps cool in hot weather

Sacha Pencil Sketch

A day at the beach - SAFC football shirt

Sacha dishevelled

Up close and personal - a dog's nose is 40 percent more effective than a human's

Smelling a cat

High Contrast Split Brown Photography

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