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Save A Seamless Pattern To GIMP’s Patterns Folder
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Save Seamless Patterns To GIMP's Patterns Folder

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This GIMP (GNU) tutorial demonstrates how to save a Seamless Pattern to GIMP’s Patterns Folder. To work along, you are welcome to download the Seamless Bricks Pattern I am working with HereUnzip the file and open the image onto GIMP’s workspace.

You can quickly Undo a step at any time by pressing Ctrl then Z. Alternatively, click a previous Undo History snapshot - Windows then Dockable Dialogues then click Undo History. In addition, to Zoom in (or Zoom out) of your image; from the top menu, choose View then select a Zoom Tool from the subsequent drop-down list.

Convert An Image Into A Seamless Pattern
Launch GIMP & Organise Its Workspace & Palettes

Before saving your pattern, you must ensure it is Seamless. The Bricks Image I am working with is seamless; however, if your image isn’t, then Click Here to learn how to convert an image into a Seamless Pattern. (Filters then Map then Make Seamless).

Open your choice of Seamless Start Image onto GIMP’s workspace - File then Open - Ctrl then O.

Ensure the Layers and the Undo History Palettes are visible, and then drag them into position over your workspace - (Windows then Dockable Dialogues - then click Layers and Undo History).

Now, to save the
Seamless Brick Pattern to GIMP’s Patterns Folder: from the top menu, choose File and then choose Save As. And from the subsequent Save Image dialogue box click open the Select File Type menu, and from the subsequent drop down list, click GIMP pattern - pat. (Don’t click Save).

GIMP 2.8
From the top menu, choose File and then choose Export.

GIMP 2.8
Save Images, For Example, As JPEGs, GIFs & PNGs etc. New To Version 2.8
By default, GIMP 2.8’s, Save As dialogue box automatically saves images as GIMP (XCF) Files only. If you want to save your image in any other file format, you must Export it. Therefore, to save your image as a Pat, GIF, JPEG or PNG, etc. From GIMP’s top menu, choose File then choose Export. All remaining instructions are identical.

Tutorial Continued

Then navigate to and open GIMP’s Patterns Folder; (Program Files, then
GIMP-2.0 then share then gimp then 2.0 the patterns). After you have navigated to and opened GIMPs patterns folder, click Save - as illustrated below. 

Now, from the subsequent Save as Pattern dialogue box, enter a unique name for your Pattern, and then click Save.

Congratulations, you have successfully saved your Seamless Pattern to GIMP’s Patterns Folder.

Now, close down GIMP. Then launch it again. Your newly saved Pattern is now ready to apply. To apply your new Pattern, activate the Bucket Fill Tool.

And locate and activate your new Pattern.


Then open a New Image, (File and then New). And left-click over it to apply your Pattern.

Final Note (Back Up Your Patterns)
Your Pattern has been saved to GIMP’s Patterns Folder; however, it’s always good practice to backup GIMP’s Patterns. Backing up this folder preserves your newly created patterns should you need to reinstall your operating system .

Save Seamless Patterns To GIMP's Patterns Folder

Wendi E. M. Scarth. 
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