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   Ornamental Picture Frames - Pages 1, 2, 3, 4 - Animated Gifs - 244+ World Flag Animated Ribbons

Adobe Photoshop - Detailed Workspace, Adjustment Layers/Masks And Palettes Tutorial

414+ Adobe Photoshop (Thumbnail) Examples 414 Adobe Photoshop PDF Tutorials
    Type Effects
    Create and Save Animations
    Extract Backgrounds
    Create Collages
    Special Photographic Effects
    Photographic and Special Effects
    Correcting/Repairing Photographs
    Snap Type Around Paths and Bezier Curves
    Create Logos and Banners
    Create Photographic Frames and Edges
    Toolbar Lessons
    Miscellaneous Filters and Commands
414+ Adobe Photoshop PDF Tutorials Thumbnails414+ Photoshop PDF Tutorials Larger Final Result Examples

414+ Adobe Photoshop PDF Tutorials    
    Install Plugins - 01 
    Create, Save and Apply Brushes and the Hidden Brush Palette - Four Separate Lessons
    Create and Save Custom Shapes
    Optimise and Save Images
    Create a Water Ripple Effect
    Repair Time-damaged or Faded (Scanned) Photographs Utilising Levels - Jersey Bus
    Create a Triptych (Triple) Image Graphic
    Erase Backgrounds with the Background Eraser Tool - Extract a Building
    Apply Picture Frames, and Resizing Images, and Utilising the Crop Tool
    Blend Images with their Backgrounds, Seamlessly - 10
    Layers and the Layers Palette - Comprehensive Tutorial - Layers Fully Explained
    Layer Blending Modes - Comprehensive Tutorial - Blend Modes Fully Explained
    Paint Borders with the Quick Mask Tool
    Create and Apply a Displacement Map - Red Silk
    Turn Sunshine into a Snow Blizzard
    Create a Circular (Retrospect) Pop Art Image
    Create an Illusion of Speed - Silver Jaguar
    The Brush Tool for Beginners - Painting Monochrome onto Coloured Photographs
    Blend Images with the Eraser Tool and Blend Modes
    Create an Animated Rain Signature Graphic - 20
    Create Bolts of Lightning
    Create/ Save Actions, Create Transparent Type/ Watermark Using the Horizontal Type Mask
    Create Oval Photographic Edges
    Remove Backgrounds with CS3/4/5’s Quick Selection Tool
    My Quick 5 Step Photograph Correction
    Create an Entwined Name Logo
    Blend Type with Old Wood - Displacement Map 
    Perspectively Wrap Type onto a Sign - The Angel of the North Sculpture
    Create 3D Type - a Layers Lesson
    Place Flags Inside Type - 30
    Create and Save Dot Patterns 
    Create Neon Type
    Create Early Morning Mist and Shafts of Light
    Design a Waxed Seal
    Create a Photographic Montage - Mini Coopers
    Create a Frame within a Frame - Solarise Effects
    Apply a Chain Link Border Edge
    Extract Objects with the Magnetic Lasso Tool 
    Create Torn Paper - Three Separate Approaches
    Repair Damaged/Torn Photographs - 40
    Extract a Rose Utilising the Extract Filter and History Brush
    Make a Grunge (Pop-out) Signature - Using Grunge Brushes
    Create Stained Glass Effects - Type and Custom Shapes
    Change a Road to a River - Polygonal Lasso Tool
    Create Object Reflections - Bottle and Glass and I-Pods
    Create Textures from the Difference Clouds Filter
    Artistic Painting with the Art History Brush 
    Emulate the Golden Hour Effect - Pre Dawn, Pre Sunset
    Manoeuvre Rectangular Photographs Inside Oval Picture Frames
    Colourise Black and White - Using the Brush Tool - 50
    Change a Car’s Colour - with Gradients, Channel Mixer and Hue & Saturation
    Create an Organic Leafy Signature
    Create and Apply Rainbows to Photographs
    Convert Photographs to Dramatic High Contrast Black and White
    Place a Butterfly Image Inside a Soap Bubble
    Wrap a Label Around a Tin
    Wrap Type Around an Apple
    Create Dramatic Aurora Borealis Effects
    Create Layered Typography
    Create Glossy Navigation Buttons - or Badges, from Scratch - 60
    The Pen Tool Fully Explained and a Lesson - Extract a Flower from its Background
    Create a Photo Montage - Using the Pen Tool - Advanced
    Change Sky Colour in Between Foliage Using the Colour Range Command
    Wrap an Insert Around a DVD Using the Vanishing Point Command
    Create and Colourise a Star Field
    Prepare Pop Art/Cartoon Images
    Colourise Pop Art/Cartoon Images
    Change Pop Art/Cartoon Image Colours
    Create Pop Art/Cartoon Grid Quarters
    Create Gel/Glassy Type from Scratch - 70
    Remove Distracting Objects from Photographs (Lampposts) with the Clone Brush Tool
    Blend a Cat Face with a Woman’s Face - Using the Eraser Tool
    Create an Animated Glitter Signature Name
    Colour-pop Photographs - Part Colour, Part Monochrome
    Snap Type Around a Circular Path, Upper and Lower
    Merge a Cat and Dog Face using Layer Masks - Masking for Beginners
    Convert Photographs into Pencil Sketches
    Create Vignette Border Fades from Marquees
    Paint Pretty Photographic Borders with the Paint Brush Tool - Cow Image
    Create a Georgian Bar Window Frame Effect - Rectangular Sections - 80
    Create a Heart Shaped Cut Out
    Colourise Black and White Bit Maps
    Create a Page Curl from Scratch
    Create an Animated Diamond Signature using Alpha Channels          
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    Replace Dull or Washed Out Skies
    Creatively Chop a Pineapple
    Hand Paint Co-ordinated Borders - Lily Pond
    Create and Save Textures to the Texturiser Filter 
    Change Clothing Colours - Using the Colour Replacement Tool - Ladies Trouser-suit
    Bring Back Detail Lost in Shadow - Using the Shadows and Highlights Command - 90
    Replace Iris Colours
    Create and Save TV Line Patterns
    Create and Save Gradients
    Remove Red Eye in Humans
    Remove Red, Yellow, Blue or Green Eyes from Animals - Caused by Flash Photography
    Create Sepia Effects - Age Modern Photographs
    Dramatic Blending - Blend Two Images Using Blending Modes
    Create Frozen Seascapes - Using Gradient Maps
    Resurface Eyeballs - Barcode Eyes, Using Layer Masks
    Convert Daytime to Sunsets - 100
    Brighten Dull Seascapes and Landscapes Using Gradients
    Hand Paint Watercolours - Impressionist Painting
    Black and White Conversions - Removing Colour - Six Different Approaches
    The Selective Colour Command - Change Foliage Colours
    From Sunshine to a Rain Storm
    Stroke Objects with Type
    Utilise The Black and White Filter
    Create Clouds of Mist Over Water - Using the Clouds Filter
    Create Vintage Paper from Scratch
    Design Postcards - 110
    Create a Ghost Car with Motion Trail - Using Gradient Maps
    Create a Speed Burst - Jumping Motorcycle
    Colour Popping - Highlighting Monochromatic Photographs with Colour - Beach Huts
    Apply Water Inside Type
    It’s Raining - Rain Outside a Window
    Make an Animated Snow Globe
    Stained Glass Overlays
    Create Reflections from Musical Instruments 
    Iced Biscuit Text
    Create Post It Notes, a Cork Notice Board, and Paper - 120
    Upload a Website Favicon
    Blending Images using Layer Masks - Two Images or Four Images
    Create an Animated Pulsating Heart
    Animated Firework Burst
    Animated Cigar Smoke
    Animated Starry Night Signature
    General Saving Animations Instructions
    Animated Fire Type
    Animate Areas of Photographs with Glitter - Glitter Balls                     
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    Extract Background with the Magic Wand Tool - 130
    Extract Backgrounds Using the Magic Wand and (Colour) Channels
    Replace Dull Skies with Vibrant Skies
    Extract Backgrounds from People Using the Magic Eraser Tool
    Type Inside a Custom Shape and Utilising the Spell Check
    Place Type Around a Ferris Wheel
    Snap Type Along a Bezier Curve
    Create Subtle Type
    Metallic Type with KPT
    3D Metallic Type using Eyecandy Impact Extrude
    Glassy Type with Eyecandy - 140
    Glassy Custom Shapes with Eyecandy
    Place Photographs Inside Type
    Create Type Reflections
    Stroke Type with Colour
    Create Glowing Type
    Create a Glassy Cartoon Eye
    Create Glossy Navigation Buttons from Styles
    Create a Multiple-sided Picture Frame
    Create Photo Edges from Filters 
    Apply Greyscale Edge-masks - 150
    Apply Alien Skin Splat Edges
    Make Edge Masks from Scratch
    Design Frames from Custom Shapes
    Create Photographic Border Fades - Emu
    Apply Dreamsuit Picture Frames
    Framing with Actions
    Create Instant Borders Using the Canvas Size Command
    Create Frames with the Rectangular Marquee Tool - and Gradient Tool Lesson
    Create Instamatic Picture Frames
    Make a Photographic Collage - Vignette Borders - 160
    Raspberry Sunrise
    Create Elegant Duo tones
    Create Silhouettes and Utilising the Pattern Stamp Tool
    Create Low Key Photographs
    Create High Key Photographs
    Design Studio Backgrounds
    High Speed Film Grain
    Creative Cropping - Crop Out Unwanted Elements
    Remove Reflections from Spectacles
    Add/Remove Grain (Noise) - 170
    The Rule of Thirds Concept
    Understanding Colour - The Colour Wheel
    Understanding Resolution
    Create Swirl Designs
    Remove Shadows from Flowers
    Revitalise Pet Portraits
    Optimise Shiny Metallic Surfaces - Harley Davison
    Create Dramatic Skylines
    Optimise Black and White Photograph’s Contrast with the Dodge and Burn Tools 
    Enrich Dull Buildings and Landscapes - 180
    Project your Name onto a Curtain with a Displacement Map
    Create a Blood Soaked Tentacle - Using Brushes
    Replace Washed-out Skylines with Gradients
    Create Movement Trails - Blurring Cluttered Foregrounds              
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    Defuse Black and White Images - Waterfall
    Pixelate (Disguise) Parts of Photographs
    Copperplate Effects - Utilising the Colour Range Command
    Remove Wrinkles with the Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush and Patch Tool
    Create Depth of Field - Blur (Disguise), Backgrounds
    Create a Soft Focus Effect to Improve Portraits - 190
    Create and Save a Copyright Brush
    Improve Dull Flat Landscapes
    The History Brush Tool and Replace Colour Command to Change Colour - Mannequin
    Create Background Movement - Skateboarder
    Straighten Crooked Horizons
    Create and Save Seamless Patterns - Plus Install Fonts into Windows XP’s Fonts Folder
    Utilise the Colour Balance Command
    Sharpen Photographs - Your Choices
    Create Reflections from Photographs - Heron
    Repair Overexposed Photographs - Too Light - 200
    Repair Underexposed Photographs - Too Dark
    Utilise the Curves Editor to Darken Photographs
    Utilise the Curves Editor to Lighten Photographs 
    Convert a Photograph to a Watercolour
    Create Fluffy Animal Clouds from Custom Shapes
    Centrally Align Objects - Using the Move Tool and the Select All Command
    Utilise Smart Objects
    Utilise Non Destructive Smart Filters
    Create Screen Captures and Edit them in Photoshop
    Batch Processing - Automatically Apply a Watermark to Multiple Photographs - 210
    Create Contact Sheets
    Fill Custom Shapes with Photographs
    Create a Pen and Wash Watercolour
    Create a Letterbox Style Photograph
    Create Reflections Using the Liquify Filter
    Colour Tint Black and White Photographs
    Centralise Images Ready to Print
    Lichtenstein Prints - Pop Art Effects Using the Halftone Filter
    Graduated Masks - Black & White to Colour Blending
    Brighten Dull Glass - 220
    Create Quick Border Fades (Vignettes) - Using the Levels Editor
    Add Drama by Inverting Colours
    Double Nelson - Create Contrasting Edge-frames
Blending Images using Blend Modes and Displacement Maps - Face and Flag
    Resizing two images equally using the Free Transform Command
Create a Multiple Frame Effect - Camera and Sunflower Blend
    Images-Filled Jam Tarts 
    Create Soft and Sharp Lith Print Effects
    Create Infra Red Effects 
    Colour Tone Photographs - 230
Create Multi Coloured Skies
    Create Sabbattier (Solarised - Shiny Metallic) Skin Tones using Curves
    Optimise Dull, Lifeless Photographs - Ship’s Anchor
    Create Magnifying Effects Utilising the Pinch Filter
    Create Shadow Casts from Custom Shapes
Vortex Tunnel Effects Using the Wave and Polar Co-ordinates Filters
    Create Tartan Backgrounds 
    Create, Optimise and Colourise Star Bursts 
    Create Metallic Chicken Wire
    Create Wispy Ethereal Steam - 240
Create Wispy Smoke
    Create Retrospect Art Discs
    Create Barcodes Utilising the Rectangular Marquee Tool
    Create Entwined Light Swirls
    Create Fluid Graphics
    Create Silky Backgrounds 
    Create Halftone Dots Patterns
    Metallic Water Designs
    Create Shadow Casts from Photographs
    Vignette Border Fades from Custom Shapes - 250
Create Frosted Stained Glass Patterns 
    Create and Apply Grid Patterns 
    Create Matrix Backgrounds
    Create Woody Fibrous Backgrounds
    Halftone Dot Pattern Signatures 
    Create Window Blind Shadows from Halftone Line Patterns
    Instant Vignette Border Fades using the Lens Correction Filter
    Create Water Reflections or Floods
    Create Transparent Water/Liquid Drops from Scratch
    Create Transparent Navigation Buttons from Scratch - 260
    Create Fire From Scratch - Create a Signature
    Create an Animated Numbers (Countdown), Avatar
    Distressed Rainbow Text
    It’s Snowing - Animated Snow Through a Window
    Create a Digital Light Box
    Enhance/Optimise Lighting
    Create and Apply Realistic Water Ripples
    Create Falling Snow
    Create Fantasy Skylines
    Create Spot Light Effects - 270
    Create a Mottled Aged Effect Using Brushes
    Mystical Lighting Effects
    Artistic Painterly Effects and Borders
    Create and Modify Scratchy Border Brushes 
    Create and Save Personal Handwriting Brushes
    Frozen Object Effects 
    Spicy Autumn Reds
    Soft, Colourful Landscapes
    Quick Watercolour Effects
    Prepare Triptych Designs For Print - 280                     
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    Create Metallic Type from Scratch
    Utilise Guides and Straighten Building
    Convert Sunshine to Night-time 
    Hand Tint Photographs
    Create Rainbow Type
    Cut Out Text (From Two Photographs)
    Multiple 3-D Daisies 
    Create Contrasting Colour Tones
    Create Printable Image Grids
    Create Halos or Backlights - 290
    Create Contrasting Border Matts
    Highly Reflective Metallic Type From Scratch
    Create Stone Type With A Border
    Create Tubular Type
    Create a Four Point Kaleidoscope 
    Gold Leaf Textures
    Animal Textures 
    Create Rough Metallic Textures 
    Create a Planet From Scratch
    Diamond Filled Avatars/Signatures - 300
    Create an Explosive Effect
    Create Planets and Planet Rings From Gradients
    Place Photographs Inside Jigsaw Puzzle Custom Shapes
    Create Vignette Border Fades From Gradients
    Create Moons (From The Clouds Filter) And Add Them To Photographs
    Place Photographs Inside A Champagne Glass
    Position Photographs Onto A Three Panelled Cube 
    Create Night-time Light Trails
    Neon Glows Utilising The Pen Tool
    Create A Three Sided Cube From Scratch - 310
    Dull Rust-speckled Text  
    Create Dotted Lines Using A Brush 
    Create Marble Backgrounds
    Create Liquid Light Backgrounds/Avatars
    Image Perspective Effects
    Shiny Enamelled Type 
    Create Three Panelled (Triptych) Frames From Photographs
    Add Colour And Drama With A Colour Negative Adjustment Curve
    Personalise A Mobile Phone (Replace The Screen With A Photograph)
    Create A Duplicated Border Fade (Waterfalls) - 320
Enlarge Biceps 
    Impressionist Painting Conversions
    Detailed Workspace, Adjustment Layers/Masks And Palettes Tutorial
    Create A Soft Dreamy Sky Avatar
    Recreate Salvador Dali’s Surrealism 
    Create A Moon And Night-sky Blend
    Soften Waterfalls
    Apply Butterfly Tattoos 
    Add Gloss And Shine To Roses
    Create Colourful Avatars Using Gradients - 330
    Create Patchwork Quilt Textures
    Understanding/Editing Camera Raw Files (DNG - Digital Negative Files)
    Vivid Soft Focus Photographic Conversions 
    Apply Realistic Clouds To Clear Skies 
    Create Chunky Bevelled Old-gold Type
    Clone Tool Updated To Include Clone Source Panel
    New Additions To Photoshop (From Adobe Help Files)
    Paint Reflections Using Clone Source Panel Plus Apply A Graduated Mask
    Create Realistic Liquified Metal Designs 
    Write Your Name Into The Sand (Realistic Type Tutorial)
    Vivid Pop Art Conversions Using The HSL Command
    Painterly Embossed Photographic Conversions - 340
    Straighten Pisa’s Tower 
    Create Rainbow-coloured Muffins 

    Utilise The Rotate Canvas Tool
    Apply Posterise Effects To Photographs Using An Adjustment Layer
    Create An Out Of Bounds Frame Effect (From A Photograph) Using Layer Masks (Dolphins)
    Surreal Out Of Bounds Wall Hanging Collage Using Pre Extracted Objects
    Weekend MasterClass: Draw Vector Pop-art Illustrations Using The Pen Tool
    Raspberry Sunrise Updated To Include How To Apply Sun Rays To Photographs
    Create Photographic Vignette Collages: Completely Rewritten October 09
    Soften/Blur Waves And Sea Spray And Optimise Contrast - 350th CS to CS6 Tutorial
    Apply Instant Co-ordinating Borders Using A Photoshop Actions Script
    Warp Photographic Collages Or Single Images Using Photoshop’s Warp Tools & Commands
    Colourful Impact Type (Fading Backgrounds) Horizontal Type Mask Tool & Layers Tutorial
    Colour-popping Fun Using Custom Shapes And Blend Modes
    Brighten Dull Eye Areas Plus Add Reflections (Catchlights)
    Fake HDR Using One Photograph
    Utilise The Mixer Brush Tool To Apply Artistic Painterly Effects
    Convert Photographs Into Embroidery Paintings
    Create Weave Textures
    Mystical Rainbow-coloured Seascapes - 360th Photoshop CS to CS6 Tutorial
    Create Brick Wall Textures
    3D Out Of Bounds Framing - Variation Using The Eraser Tool (3D Pop-out Swan)
    Create Backlit Text Effects
    Create Swirl Design Textures
    Frosty Vivid Photographic Conversions
    Sharp Painterly Photographic Conversions
    Replace A Subtle Sky With A Dramatic Sky
    Create Rusty Text
    Convert Photographs Into Artistic Oil Paintings
    Create A Multi Coloured Water Splash Graphic - 370th Photoshop CS to CS6 Tutorial
    Quick Gradient Sky Replacements
    Create Wood Textures 
    Convert Photographs Into Gothic Oil Paintings
    Preserve Flowers In Ice
    3D Neon Light Swirls
    Furry Text Effects
    Artistic Triangular Photographic Conversions
    Wintertime Snow And Icicles Text
    Brushed Metallic Text
    Shiny Diamond Plated Text - 380th Photoshop CS to CS6 Tutorial
    Quick Photographic Vignettes (Circulator Border Fades)
    Add Film Grain To Photographs
    Convert Photographs Into Pretty Pastel Paintings
    Gradient Glow Text Effects
    Apply Blood Drops To Text 
    Create Reptile Skin Textures
    Add Background Movement And Image Vibrancy
    Create Stone Wall Textures
    Create Noise Textures
    Apply Water Drops To Text - 390th Photoshop CS to CS6 Tutorial
    Smoky Text Effects
    Colourful Gradient Map Photographic Conversions
    Apply Realistic Water Ripples To Photographs
    Convert Photographs Into Artistic Gouache Paintings
    Quick High Contrast Monochromatic Photographic Conversions
    Create A Painterly Airbrushed Photograph 
    Defuse Photographs 
    Quick Duotone Photographic Conversions
    Painterly Enchanted Forest Using Filters
    Autumn Still Life - 400th Photoshop CS to CS6 Tutorial
    Convert Photographs Into Caricatures
    Colourful Painterly Striped Forest
    Ghostly Transparent Photographic Conversion
    Multi Exposure Photographic Collage
    Night-time Light Trails Photographic Collage    
    Digitally Diffuse Photographs
    Dramatically Improve Lighting And Sharpness Using Curves And A Gradient
    Transparent Rainbow Stroked Text
    Eery Atmospheric Text
    Rich Chocolate And Gold Dust Type
    Hinged (Open) Faberge Egg
    Animated Sparkly Foiled Egg
    Painterly Crosshatch Conversions 
   Add Texture And Colour Using The Craquelure Filter - 414th Photoshop CS to CS6 Tutorial

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400+ PDF  & 300 Elements Tutorials + Plugins & Extras

400+ Photoshop PDF  & 300 Elements Tutorials + Plugins & Extras

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