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by Wendi Elizabeth Martha Scarth


Text Reflections 
Photoshop Elements


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Apply And Fade Text Reflections
Suitable for Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor
Skill Level - Intermediate

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Detailed Elements Workspace Tutorial Plus The Redesigned Workspace, Palettes & Toolbar Of Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15
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This Photoshop Elements tutorial demonstrates how to create a Text Reflection, and how to fade the reflection by applying a Gradient.

Undo Note
You can step backwards at any time by clicking the top menu’s Undo Tool.

Open a new Blank File (Ctrl/Cmd then N): and set the dimensions of your choice.

If you are printing your work, set a Resolution of 200 Pixels Per Inch, otherwise, 72 PPI will be fine.

Centralise your canvas by snapping it to the top menu’s orange horizontal line.

Elements 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 - Tool Options Palette positioned at the bottom of the workspace. Although the palettes have been redesigned the tools work in more or less the same way.

Now, from the left-side Toolbar, activate the Horizontal Type Tool.

And enter the settings of your choice into the Tool Options Bar.

Then hover your cursor over the centre of the canvas, and left-click. As soon as you see a large blinking vertical black line, (I-beam), enter your choice of text: once your text has been applied, left-click beneath it, and drag it to a central position.

Remember to leave plenty of room for the subsequent reflection.

If you want to apply a Bevel to your text, then do so now. From the top menu, choose Layer, then choose Layer Style then choose Style Settings - now, mark the Bevel box and click OK.

Right-click the Text Layer. Then from subsequent drop-down list, choose Duplicate
. (Click OK to the subsequent Duplicate Layer dialogue box).

Working on the Copy Layer: from the top menu, choose Image then choose Rotate then choose Flip Layer Vertical.

Now, from the Toolbar, activate the Move Tool .

Then nudge the duplicated text downwards, and reposition it directly beneath the upper text, (so it mirrors it exactly) by tapping your Keyboards Arrow Keys.

Disable the Move Tool’s Bounding Box either by unmarking the Show Bounding Box box, or by activating another Tool from the left-side Toolbar.

Still working on the Copy Layer: press and hold down the Ctrl Key. Then simultaneously left-click over the Copy Layer’s Thumbnail - as illustrated below.

This isolates your text with a Selection Marquee.

Simplify (Rasterise) Text Note
After activating the Gradient Tool in the next Chapter, click OK to the subsequent Simplify Text box.

8/ Fade The Reflected Text
Now, from the Toolbar, activate the Gradient Tool .

And set the following Black to White Gradient and Screen Mode settings into the Options Bar. (Set the Opacity to 50%).

Now, still working on the Copy Layer: left-click and stretch a Gradient Line from the top of the selected text to the bottom. Then repeat this two or three times to build up your fade.

When you are happy with the fade, from the top menu, choose Select then choose Deselect (Ctrl then D).

Transparent Background Tip
To create a Transparent Background; hide the Background Layer’s Visibility by
left-clicking to remove its Eye Icon - as illustrated below. Or Delete the Layer altogether by
right-clicking the Layer, and selecting Delete Layer from the subsequent drop-down list.

You can now Fill the Transparent Background with your choice of Colour, Pattern or Gradient.

To finish, from the top menu, choose Layer then choose Flatten Image.

Congratulations, your work is ready to Crop down,
and to save.

Now you are familiar with this technique, you can have lots of fun adding reflections to your text and logos.

Wendi E M Scarth. 
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