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My personal artwork gallery were created whilst playing with Photoshop, in the very early days.

Sacha Vectorised (Hairy Mary) Artwork (Over 800 Layers)


Best View In London - Photographic Collage

Utopia Calling. (September 2010).
This image illustrates a recent (sleep) dream of mine.

Apple Zip

Rainbow Fingers (Peter's Shed).

Bloody Eyeball Created In GIMP
Bloody tendrals

Gem Britannic

9 Sacha Scarths - Pop-art Conversion: November 2009

London Lights - Photographic Collage

Queen Elizabeth

Neon Sign - Photoshop Tutorial

Scarth Furry Family Portrait

Sydney Opera - House Faked Sunset (Levels and warming filters)

Stars In Her Eyes - Layer Masks

Raining Blood

Dramatic Blending - Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Blood Splashed Rose

My furry family

Fresh Blood

Hooped Puzzle

Leafy Text -  Photoshop And Paint Shop Pro Tutorials


Lost In The Trees

Creatively Slice A Pineapple - Photoshop Tutorial

Tynemouth And Castle - Blend Modes

Crying Rose - Masking

Melodious Forest - Vector Shapes And Blend Modes

Doubly Troubled -  Clone Tool And  Masking


Enchanted Forest - Personal Work

Totally Paranoid - Masking and Blend Modes

Light Casted Flower


Frozen Planet

Electric Flag

Vector Sunrise - Vector Artwork

Serenity (Collage)


Hot, Dry Summer

Majestic morning

Blue Mood - Poser 5


Dripping Time



Cat O' Nine Eyes  - Quick Clone


Sacha And Me Inside A Glass Apple

Monochromatic Vision

Slices Of Time

Weaved Orbs

Colour-popped Quartet

My Hanging Crystal

UK Guitar

Click To Enlarge

Thrashing Up A Storm

Faded Planet

Drowning Planet

Colour Popping (Variation) - Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Butterfly Bubbles - Photoshop Tutorial
Photograph Bubbles - Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Metallic Designs From Preset Shapes - Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Remove Backgrounds - (Eraser Tool) - Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Displacement Map Blending  - Photoshop Tutorial

Flag-filled Text/Type - Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Feedback - Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

wendis' first poser


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